medjugorje: DECEIVING the world??

I read a book on medjugorje and the six people who have had supposed apparitions with the Blessed Virgin Mary. There were statements supposedly made by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. The problem was that many of the statements didn’t agree with Catholic teaching. I wanted to find out what the local bishop had said about these medjugorje apparitions. All the readings I have read show that the local bishop does not believe the six seers, and he list many reasons. If these apparitions are false, why are these books on medjugorje, that promote it to be real, CREEPING into Catholic bookstores. Read for yourself the latest statement from Bishop Ratko Peric concerning medjugorje at If anyone has any other useful information, please inform me about this subject

One of the requirements for an apparition to be real is that anything stated by the apparition must not contradict Church teaching, as public revelation is closed. I have read only some of the supposed sayings of Our Blessed Mother at Medjugorje, so I’m not sure which ones you are referring to (there are a few hundred, are there not?). Which ones are you referring to?

“the opinion of Bishop Peric of Mostar is his own personal opinion, and that it is not that of the Vatican”

I also wish to mention that the Secretary of the Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger, wrote and published a letter on the 17th anniversary in response to a question posed by the Bishop from the Island of La Reunion. In the letter, he states very clearly that the opinion of Bishop Peric of Mostar is his own personal opinion, and that it is not that of the Vatican. The Church considers the Declaration of Zadar on April 10, 1991, as being official. In that Declaration he said clearly that the Church remains open as to the supernatural nature of the apparitions, that the commission will have to continue its work, and that on a private level all pilgrimages are permitted.

Fr. Slavko’s Commentary

Ten years after the Declaration of Zadar, we can say:

  1. The Zadar Declaration is and remains the only official declaration of the Church on the events of Medjugorje.
  2. All subsequent declarations of the Holy See refer to this Declaration.
  3. The position of Mgr Ratko Peric, Bishop of Mostar, has to be understood as his personal conviction.
  4. The final judgment on the supernaturality of the apparitions and revelations remains open. The events are still happening and have to be examined by the Church.
  5. The “especially suitable liturgical-pastoral directives” envisaged by the Declaration of Zadar have still not been given.
  6. Nothing is known about the existence of the envisaged Commission, supposed to “continue to keep up with and investigate the entire event in Medjugorje”.
  7. Private pilgrimages to Medjugorje are allowed under condition that they are not considered as the recognition of the events which are still occurring, and which demand to be examined by the Church. The Church does not forbid priests to accompany these pilgrimages.

Ten years after the Declaration of Zadar

did this thread get cleared out by a moderator?

I thought i posted here yesterday, and now all the posts are gone

I’m guessing it did because I tried to post yesterday and it said I was not allowed to. Another thread on Medjugorje also got closed. I wish they would say why they cleared this thread since it appeared to me as most were giving information that basically says the church has made no official ruling, and others who gave their opinion on whether or not they believe the visions are true or not.Maybe some of the information was completely wrong? I don’t know but I sure wish information would be more forthcoming.

They didn’t clear this thread they totally deleted it. The poster, mahalo, reposted it today.

It seems that this individual has an agenda as they only post the start of the thread and then never reply again.

Now I do not believe in Medjugorje. I think there is much wrong with it and going on there but it would be nice if the originator of the thread would continue to comment as more replies are posted.

And if the moderators feel the need to delete a thread, any thread, it would be nice if they would comment why they are doing it so that we do not make the same errors or stop posting something that is banned.

[quote=Dan-Man916]did this thread get cleared out by a moderator?

I thought i posted here yesterday, and now all the posts are gone

Did you notice the new “sticky” about “Banned Topic: Conversion Rumors”? I am pretty sure this new sticky is related to why the last Medugorje thread was sent to cyber oblivion.

The Zadar Proclamation of 1991 is the only official postition the church has taken regarding the matter.

The current bishop has, himself, stated that this statements are to be considered his own personal opinion.

Medjugorje is a private revelation that has not been approved by the Church. For that reason, it is a banned topic. And for that reason, this thread will also be closed. Please reread the forum rules that were agreed upon when registering.

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