Medjugorje: How do I defend the official Church teaching?


Hi…I’ve noticed in our area that many people are buying into the so-called “visions” of those at Medjugorje.

I’ve researched it extensively and the Church has been clear: there is no proof or reason to believe that supernatural occurances have taken place.

If so, why are so many enamored with it? Do any of you have any good suggestions for how I back the Church position when discussing the subject?



I believe the Vatican does not approved this apparition…


You are correct…it does not which is why I do not support it either. But today, as you know, people think they know better than the Church. I am just looking for any good data points to help refute this belief.



Just say that the Church has not declared the “visions” of Medjugorje to be legitimate…I dont see how anyone could argue against that.


I believe that the Vatican classfies Medjugorje as a private revelation (I know someone will correct me if I am mistaken). I believe that the prohibition from the Vatican is that Priests/Pastors cannot organize a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. However lay people are allowed to go themselves, and a Priest may accompany them. Since it is a private revelation, Catholics are not obligated to believe.



You are correct on private revelation. BUT…what the Church says on Medjugorje is lay people can go, but not on the basis that there was a Marian apparation there.

Yes, we should be obedient to the Church. But people are using a moral relativist argument by saying: if it makes people more faithful, then it’s OK.


Here’s a joke I heard that I hope is not too offensive to those who believe in the apparitions:

The Holy Family is trying to decide where to go on vacation.
St. Joseph: "Hmm, I 'd kind of like to go back to Jerusalem."
Jesus: "What? I don’t think so, do you remember what happened last time I was there?"
Mary: "How about Egypt?"
St. Joseph: "No way."
Jesus: "I know, what about Medjugorje?"
Mary: “Oooh yeah, I’ve never been there!”



I believe that this unapproved apparition can not be discussed on CAF.


You are correct. The Church does not regard these “apparitions” to be authentic apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. Stick to your guns. Medjugorje believers “act as if” they are true, maintain that the Church will “one day” recognize them; but there is no evidence to support the authenticity of the events in Medjugorje, and so the Church has judged.


People will find a lot of creative ways to justify themselves to do just about anything.

I ask, why waste your time and money going there to “get good feelings” and “grow spiritually” from something like a private revelation (unnaproved too) when we have a multitude of other ways to grow spiritually that we can rely on to be solid?

To each his own I guess. You wont find me there.


Because Medjugorje makes people FEEL good. That, alone, should be enough of a hint to draw the proper conclusion. But that’s not the point. Ultimately, two consecutive bishops of Mostar have rejected the events at Medjugorje. Discernment is theirs, since they are (were) the local bishop. But due to the extraordinary number of Catholics making pilgrimages to the site, the Church is loathe to bring down the hammer. Very few people in Rome seriously believe that an historically succinct and humble Virgin Mary would spend twenty+ years repeating the same mundane messages to these kids/adults - none of whom have received the grace to enter the religious life. Addtionally, there have been no bona fide supernatural miracles there, which are typically the kind of calling card Our Lady leaves to help prove the validity of the seers statements.


I actually saw one of the visionaries at a church event recently. Everyone was praying the rosary and at approx. 6:40pm, Ivan got up and knelt for about 7 or 8 minutes. During that time he was alledgedly having of vision of Mary (which he does every day at the same time). During that same period he was gently nodding his head as if he was responding to someone’s words. At some point later he gave a talk and described his experiences. It was very compelling. Is it true? That’s hard to say but he didn’t seem psychiatrically challenged and he seemed very sincere. In other words, I didn’t at all get the sense that he was pulling a hoax and if he was, for what purpose? Everything he said seemed to be consistent with Church teaching so I don’t think he was in communication with demons or other spirits contrary to God. I don’t know but it was fascinating.


Water…I am not discussing an unapproved apparation because I believe in it or want to discuss it’s validity. Instead, I am using this forum to gather information to help me defend our Church against those who believe in this false sighting.

I hope you understand the difference…and I understand policy but hope you understand.

Thanks and God bless.


I had a thread closed down simply for asking if it was traditional for apparitions of Our Lady to bless objects, as has been claimed in Medjugorje. I was told that we weren’t to discuss it at all. :shrug:

I wonder why this one’s been able to go on for so long…

But as long as it’s still open, then there’s not much TO defend. The Church has said it will reserve official comment until the apparitions end, but in the meantime, there can be no Church-sponsored visits there. This is to say, individuals can go, but not as part of a parish-organized outing.


This thread likely will get closed down.

To read an indepth discussion, try this pages-long thread with detailed debate. You will end up in circles, as the thread below demonstrates. People believe strongly one way or the other.

God Bless



I’m automatically leery of apparitions that claim that our Lady blessed objects, or blessed anyone at all.


I’m sitting comfy on the fence post with this one. I guess we’ll all find out one way or another if these apparitions are real someday…

Most Catholics in my family are big Medjugorje fans, especially my mom. I really don’t know what to think about the whole thing…


*What *was the compelling aspect and *why *was he at your Church. I thought someone else stated before that they were never given the grace to become religious.

Just curious :o


I’ve wondered about that myself.

But then again, isn’t Mary the mediatrix of graces? If so, I’m sure she could bless objects then?

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