Medjugorje represents Europe's spiritual lungs



I’m not remotely convinced by it. At all.

Bears not one single hallmark of reality.

You should go research Fatima instead.


Vicka reacts physically to a poke while supposedly in ecstasy.


Discussion of unapproved private revelations, including Medjugorje apparitions, is against the TOS of this forum.
It’s one thing to post a news article that they are putting in a new visitors center, but we can’t discuss the apparitions themselves unless and until they are approved.


This news article is not about the apparitions and their validity.
This news article is about the Pastoral care provided in an ongoing ministry to pilgrims.

And Holy Father Pope Francis together with the Magisterium must have decided this is of high importance, based on the recent investigation into pastoral care at this shrine.


That image of Mary, the mother of God, as a puppet , is very insulting.


I have nothing to do with unapproved, alleged apparitions. Does not matter what we think of them, or any spiritual benefit we may think we have received. What matters is the final determination of the Church.

Our faith does not - or should not - hinge on any private revelation.


What’s that thing she has on the top left corner?


The place isn’t supposed to be a pilgrimage destination.


I have visited Medjugorje three times .

Pope Francis , without acknowledging the validity of the alleged apparitions , has acknowledged that pilgrims to the Marian site deserve spiritual care and support .

It is a place where first place is given to the celebration of the Eucharist .

It is a place where repentance is alive and well . Priests would long to see in their parishes the queues of people awaiting the Sacrament of Reconciation as they do in Medjugorje .

It is a place of a profound adoration of the Eucharistc Presence of Jesus . The Holy Hours are beautiful .

It is a place with a deep love of the Blessed Virgin Mary .

It is a place of penance . Many there fast on bread and water on two days of the week , and the Stations of the Cross are very much a part of a visit there .

It is a common site to see Catholics there walking through the fields and along the pathways praying the Rosary in an unselfconscious way . The Rosary is promoted in a big way .

Personal , private prayer is part and parcel of Medjugorje , and reading the Scriptures is encouraged .

Stories of a conversion of life are numerous . I twice met an Irish Catholic there who had been a member of the IRA . He was assisting visitors prior to entering a seminary to discern his vocation to the priesthood .

Purists please note , I have not promoted the alleged apparitions , rather I have written of a very exemplary Catholic parish .

Regarding Medjugorje - please read, Vatican facts

I think the question is why people need to spend money and go to Medjugorje to have spiritual awakening, when Jesus is present in the exact same manner in a parish near them every day of the week.

One wonders if they continue these practices such as rosary when they go home.

Another possibility is that sites like Medjugorje tend to draw those who are devout and therefore whatever they do at the site is just a continuance of their behavior at home, such as prayer and confession, but concentrated in one place.


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