what do most traditional catholics believe about the apparitions reported to have been seen in Medjugorje. i am asking for the opinions of those who frequent the traditional latin mass. thanks

Don’t believe it & neither does the Church.

At first, I believed it, then I didn’t, then I did, now I don’t care as much.

Here is a helpful commentary from Colin Donovan a traditional Catholic who often answers questions for EWTN.

The church in her prudence is still waiting to make a final decision regarding Medjugorje. There is no obligation whatsoever to believe, at the same time private pilgrimages are not banned and priests and bishops can accompany pilgrims which they frequently do.

Here is the official site run by the Franciscans.

Official documents on Medjugorje:

My discernment on Medjugorje:

thank you for your responses. again i am looking for the opions of those who attend the tridentine mass. thanks

I personally have been to Medjugorie.While praying the rosary there, I experienced some amazing things.I felt an incredible spiritual presence and was able to look at the sun as it seemed to spin.But many years later I found out some disturbing info about it.For starters the Bishop declared that nothing extrarordinary was happening there.I read in the traditional newspaper THE REMNANT that one of the Franciscans there was disclipined by the Vatican for sexual reasons.Looking at other apparitions approved by the church,our Blessed Lady only appears a few times.At medjugorie she has appeared thousands of times.In one of the apparitions it is said that God respects all religions.Since He founded only one, how could that be true.So while I enjoyed my time there, I fear I was bewitched by the evil one since he can disguise himself as an angel of light. I attend the traditional latin mass:(:frowning:

I had my first Confession and was Baptised, Confirmed and received my first Holy Communion In Medjugorje when I was 19. That was 22 years ago. We wait for Rome’s final decision as to the authenticity of the apparitions.

I have visited Medjugorje when it was within Yugoslavia, a communist nation in the 1980s, during the civil war between the different ethnic groups and after now that Bosnia is an independent democratic nation. Always there are numerous Masses in many languages daily, many deep and lasting conversions and an intense and prayerful spiritual life. Whether Our Lady is appearing or not visiting Medjugorje is an opportunity for deeper conversion and renewal.

I remember Fr. Slavko saying that he did a study as to why pilgrims came to Medjugorje. Many diverse reasons brought pilgrims initially. But all those who returned a second time said they came to deepen their faith.

I do not attend the latin mass, but I do know a bit about Medjugorje. Although I can’t judge these things for certain, I am fairly confident that this apparition is either satanic or, at the very least, an appatition distorted by Satan or a lie by the visionaries, although I may be wrong. The problem is that there are inconsisancies in the stories of the “visionaries”, and at least one of them is known to have downright lied about the circumstances under which she saw the first apparition, rendering the rest of her testimony untrustworthy. I do know that all the “visionaries” have profitted financially, and are now living in executive homes with tennis courts and electronic gates. One of them is married to a former supermodel. It seems strange that they would have had financil gain from this. The local priest, promoter of the visions and councillor of the visionaries, is said to have fathered a child with a nun and declaired himself a living saint. Aside from this, “Mary” says: “In the Father’s house are many rooms, meaning MANY CREEDS.” There is a chance that this is heresy.

Most of what you say I’ve also come across.“by their fruits you shall know them”.If you look at other visionaries from church approved apparitions,they were usually poor, humble people who eventually went into the religious life.:thumbsup:

Completely false and condemned several times by the hierarchy.

I know someone who went to a church where Ivan (one of the vissionaries) was speaking, and Mary appears to him I think at 6pm every day.
She said the look in his eyes and the feeling she felt watching him made her cry. (He came to a church in the US when this happened somewhere in Mich. I think)
So I have no idea what I believe about it. But see things both ways.

He told everyone at the meeting that the way Mary looks is unexplainable there are colors on her that dont even exist here except in heaven.

So atleast from the standpoint, that makes me want to see heaven that much more!!! :slight_smile:

I go to the Traditional Latin Mass sometimes. I don’t know know for sure, what the perspective is of those who attend the Traditional Mass. I guess some believe it and some don’t.


Devotion to the Ordinary Form is NOT the touchstone of traditional Catholicism.

If it were, sede vacantists would be Catholic.

In the name of prudence I wait for the final judgment from Rome and that has not happened yet.

As for the priest that was mentioned by fireproofpoodle I believe this is Tomislav Vlasic who was laicized this year at his own request. He has not lived in Medjugorje, Bosnia for over 20 years but lives in Italy. He was not in Medjugorje in 1981 when the claims of the so-called visionaries began. The parish priest was Fr. Jozo who was imprisoned by the communist authorities because he would not denounce the children

We have no idea what God will do, but it makes perfect sense in this modern era that the so-called visionaries as they grew up would form holy marriages and families as that is what the modern world needs so desperately. I know that Ivan tested his vocation for the priesthood and both Maria and Vicka waited many years before marrying because they were weighing their vocations to the religious life. If we believe we can be sanctified by marriage why would that be any different for so-called visionaries?

The so-called visionaries have lived through communism, war, the influx of non-Catholics looking for material gain in their parish and many, many years and have never changed their stories from when they were young children and teenagers. I know the so-called visionaries homes and none of them have tennis courts in their backyards. They do have courtyards with gates just like their neighbors and just like our home here in Germany.
In Europe that is normal as we eat outside during the summer months. Some people have gates that are electric and can be opened from inside the house and some do not. This is considered totally normal and ordinary. They are not big fancy gates like a “gated community” in the US, they are just standard gates that all their neighbors have. Hundreds of thousands of people a year now visit their small community and with young children it is a safety issue to keep children safe in the courtyard.

I have never read a “Message” from Medjugorje that contradicted church teaching in anyway. I would be interested in a reference for the quotation that claimed Mary said there were “many creeds”.

I believe in calm, rational examination of the facts. Many negative rumors I have heard about Medjugorje prove to be false on close examination.

So far it’s not approved and that is enough for me.

I dislike Medjugorjie. I knew it was fraudulent when I first read about the Marian apparition there, because I had an inkling in my heart, of its fakeness and unauthenticity. One of the seers ( a woman, don’t remember her name) was so freakin’ rude to a journalist, when he was asking her about why she or none of the seers entered religious life. No one would be that rude, if they truly have seen Our Blessed Mother. I don’t even think they’re devout Catholics. Gosh, I dislike people who lie about Marian apparitions just for their selfish-economic gain. :crying:

Unless apparitions are proven false and declared so by Rome then Rome will wait until the so-called apparitions cease before making a judgment. They are not “approved” by Rome yet, neither are they “disproved”. It is permitted for the faithful to go on private pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

I assist the TLM, and I don’t believe it. One of my co-workers is from Bosnia, and he doesn’t believe it either. Nor do any of his family or friends from there. He says it’s a money making scheme. That proves nothing of course, but it would seem that someone from over that way would be tempted to believe it before those from abroad would.

One of the priests at my parish went there last year. I’ll ask him what he thinks. It may be a few days before I see him. Then again, I may see him at noon Mass today.

The seers own mansions and fancy cars now. That’s enough for me.

No thanks.

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