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Just wondering if anyone else caught Michael Medved’s radio show on Friday. One caller accused the pre-Reformation Church of killing everybody who disagreed, and Medved basically yielded the point, saying that yes, religious disputes killed “tens of millions” of people before the Reformation. “Tens of millions”? Also, he singled out the Catholic Church as being the worst perpetrator of anti-semitism, neglecting the fact that Catholic doctrine sought to remove the blame of Jesus’ death from Jews (and put it on all of us) from early times. No one bothered to ask where the Protestant churches were during the Holocaust…

Medved was a historical advisor to the movie “Luther”, which perpetuates several anti–Catholic myths. I’ve also heard him speak favorably of the Reformation as a liberating movement that modern capitalism possible—indeed, the Reformation was necessary for Western Civ. to enjoy the material wealth and freedom it has now. Personally, I think Medved is a questionable choice for the CA cruise given his attitudes towards the Church relative to Protestantism, but I am hoping that during his time on the Catholic Answers cruise, someone can relieve him of his errors.


I heard the exchange and I thought the same thing.

It’s odd because he is otherwise a thoughtful person; but Friday was a clear indication he has bought at least part of the protestant anti-Catholic talking points.


If the Church had killed “tens of millions” of persons Europe would have been totally decimated of it population. There never were “tens of millions” of people living in Europe before the Reformation. I have to wonder why Medved would believe such overblown numbers when all he’d have to do is check out the population statistics of the time.

Also, he should be told that the Church never killed anyone. It was the civil authorities who carried out sentences of death after a Church tribunal determined whether or not a person was guilty of heresy,which was a civil offense not just an offense against the Church. And even in such cases, people preferred to be tried by Church tribunals rather than civil courts when accused of such things because the Church tribunals were much more fair and there were FEWER people executed as a result of decisions by such tribunals than in the civil courts.



Friday wasn’t the first time I’ve heard him repeat what are, essentially, Protestant myths. And again, his
"historical advisor" role for the movie “Luther” is another clear indication that he’s bought the standard Protestant line. I can understand his appeal as a guest on the Catholic Answers cruise because of his voice as a cultural critic (especially in the area of film and television), but I sincerely hope that someone sets him straight on these positions. Personally, I wouldn’t have as an honored guest someone who speaks of the Church killing “tens of millions”, unless I was sure he was aware of the falseness of that claim. If he were to insist on maintaining his various misconceptions (let’s face it: these are not small matters), then I would find someone else regardless of his laudable views on film and TV. Why not find someone who doesn’t have that baggage?


is there any way to write to him about these errors?


Here’s the link to his e-mail address. It requires you getting a password, but if it’s important enough to you, it’s not that much trouble.


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