Meerkat Manor

Anyone else a fan of this show? I really feel attached to the meerkats for some reason. I hope maybe shakespeare is still out there somewhere. I can’t wait for the new season too, it is great watching Mitch grow up. Episodes start up again august 10th.

anyone else seen the first couple episodes so far? They have been great.

I have seen the advertisements for it and they are all full of sexual innuendo. I do not like that.

But then, I barely watch TV so I do not think I will be missing much.

My nephews love it and the story telling mode as narrated by Sean Astin is suspenseful. I find it a good tale about wildlife and their community interactions. Poor Shakespeare, they did keep us hanging about his fate.

The meerkats are cute little boogers.
I like to watch them standing on their hind legs
looking serious and looking around on guard
against other predators.

I also like the names they have been given.


I totally agree with you, Sean Astin does a great job of building suspense. I was sad for shakespeare too. Did you see the episode over the weekend?

The cinematography is fascinating. The story lines are pretty universal, so when combined with anthropomorphism (attributing human characteristics to nonhuman things), their popularity makes sense. Very clever show!

Wow that is really a great word! I hope i can remember it. I think meerkats are a good choice, because as social creatures it is easy to attribute human characteristics too them. It is one of my favorite shows.

LOL - I knew there was a word to describe it, but I admit, I had to get Google’s help to find it :smiley:

Yes, meerkats are social creatures, so it’s very easy to see the story unfold.

Uh oh, things are looking pretty ominous on the Manor! That commercial they keep playing to promote the next episode seems to be leading up to something…I know they are usually dramatic, but I get the feeling the Whiskers are going to face a big crisis soon.

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