Meet the admissions office's LGBTQ specialist


*When admissions officers read early decision applications throughout the next month, they will be keeping an eye for indicators of sexual orientation. *

*Jordan Pascucci , Office of Admissions Associate Dean of Recruitment *, specifically trains admissions staff on how to “read” LGBTQ applicants’ applications. Unlike ethnicity, the Common App does not have a section to specify an applicant’s sexual orientation.

So now we affirmative action for homosexuals?


I have a friend who has a child who was valedictorian at a large high school, 35 out of 36 ACT, and lettered in 2 sports, and turned down by several Ivy League schools. I firmly believe if they had written one of their application essays about the difficulties of being gay in today’s society (even though they are not gay), they would have gotten in. Its the new “golden ticket”.


From the article:

Bob Schoenberg , the director of the LGBT center , said that he wants admissions officers also to be aware of more subtle indications of LGBTQ identity in applications. “We realized that there must be applicants who are self-identifying in some ways that we weren’t noticing,” he said. “It is not always as explicit as saying ‘I’m gay.’”

So, I wonder then what indicators of homosexuality these Profilers are looking for………and what happens if they mis-profile someone?..…


Of course! Why ever would they waste their time assessing academic credentials, test scores and life experience when the admissions staff should be concentrating on cramming “diversity” down everyone’s throats?

Makes me wonder why people pay enormous tuition and fees for the privilege of attending college these days. :rolleyes:


“We realized that there must be applicants who are self-identifying in some ways that we weren’t noticing,” he said. “It is not always as explicit as saying ‘I’m gay.’”

Or maybe they are just not ‘self-identifying.’ Why should they? And what if the admissions office is just misidentifying them?

Does the office also look for clues as to who might be self-identifying as Catholic in some way?


You can be reasonably sure that if somebody identifies as “Catholic” they will be labeled as “fundamentalist”, “not politically correct” or “not contributing to diversity” and their application will be carefully put on the bottom of the pile.


Except thats not how it works. Different Universities have different qualities that mean something to them, plenty of schools look for Catholic applicants, can we not be so dramatic.


Maybe that’s so in your country but not in the UK


Of course.

The sodomite movement is all about $$$.

Money and recruits. That’s why they need to penetrate the educational systems and brainwash mixed-up kids. It really isn’t that complicated.

Everybody wants a slice of the pie.


You’re not under the mistaken impression that the admission into an Ivy League institution is related to merit, are you?

It’s not that the child was or wasn’t gay- his parents just weren’t good enough in their eyes.


There are a number of factors elite schools use (no particular order):

  • family wealth
  • academic performance
  • inclusion in a preferred group (ethnic, racial, sexual-orientation)
  • outside interests that will look good for the school (celebrity, awards, notoriety, etc)

Being gay is always a plus for admissions to a top school…certainly not the only factor


Oh, I’m pretty sure that there is an order and that you have #1 right.


True story. This friend’s son ended up going to a top school…just not an Ivy League school. He had friends that went to Andover Boarding School in Massachusettes…runs about $40K per year for high school. Approximately half of his friend’s graduating class of 80 students got into a top 10 school (including the Ivy’s). This friend’s son went to a public high school with a graduating class of 450…only 2 kids got into top schools.

I would bet that you can’t find that kind of acceptance rates to top colleges from any other high school that doesn’t require major wealth to attend.


The state college in my area is a veritable PC ghetto. Frankly, I’m tempted to just get my kids apprenticed into an in-demand trade and forget the $20k/yr. indoctrination program.


Tell them to study science or engineering. Hard to PC getting something built properly.


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