Meet The Parents - Long Distance Edition


I’ve been dating/courting my wonderful (and very devout Catholic) girlfriend for a little over 7 months now and things are really going well - we are discerning the possibility of marriage. I’ve been able to interact with her parents quite a bit, as we live in the same city (plus she lives with her parents). I’ve been itching for my parents to formally meet her and her parents for a while - the only kicker is the 2500 mile gap between us (I was born and raised in MI, had to move out of state to CA for work). They will hopefully be out in October, but that may not happen - in which case I’m hoping my girlfriend would be able to fly out to MI during the holidays (when I’ll be home in MI thanks to mandatory shutdown at work) and meet them then.

I guess my question is this - what is the best way to handle such a situation? I really want to make sure that the parents are involved - but the distance is a bit of a bother. I figured I’d turn to the CAF crowd, as you all have a lot of life experience/Catholic take on things. Thanks in advance!


Bump - any advice?


I think you should have your girlfriend fly home to Michigan to meet your parents at Christmas. See how that goes.

I don’t understand why you want your parents to meet her parents. Being a parent of married people myself, I don’t really interact all that much with either of my daughters’ in-laws. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that after all the wedding stuff, we got back to our own lives. Since both my daughters live out of state, I spend my time trying to see them, not their in-laws.


I guess I thought it would be good to do - so that they can meet and see the other family. Isn’t a requirement, but I don’t want them to meet on the wedding day, you know?


I understand not wanting the parents to meet each other on the wedding day, but you seem to be jumping the gun here. I think the first thing to do is to introduce your girlfriend to your family and see how that goes.

What if your parents have reservations about her? What if they think she is not a good match for you? These would be issues to deal with BEFORE getting the parents to meet each other. That’s all I’m saying. I think you are rushing things by bringing parents across the country to meet each other at this point in your relationship.


Have an engagement party and let them meet then.


Very good points - appreciate the third-party advice on this one. I guess I am getting a little carried away.


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