Meet the surgeon who hopes to be Canada’s Donald Trump

A significant number of Americans talked about moving to Canada should Donald Trump win the 2016 election. There’s good reason for this. For many in the United States, their northern neighbor seems like a bastion of liberalism in the Western world…

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I wonder, a woman Prime Minister, she has
it right concerning the screening of refugees,
tho. This world is in danger of coming under
the rule of Islamic Militants and we should
be careful when accepting migrants/refugees
from Syria and the Middle East.

Oh, I mainly found it interesting because of all the attention that’s currently being given to rising Trump-ish political figures around the globe. I can’t tell if there actually is some sort right wing coalition welling up all around the world, or whether that’s just media spin intended to further aggravate protesting Hillary fans in the US. It seems like a real phenomenon, but I can’t tell for sure.

I’m no fan of Justin Trudeau but it’s a strange comparison, because Trudeau identifies as Roman Catholic, and yet he’s thoroughly pro-abortion:

Whereas Kellie Leitch seems to have an anti-Catholic streak, and yet she’s very pro-life.

So, I’m just interested in this as a bystander, and I don’t really understand it, I don’t think.:shrug:

I wonder how many illegal Americans are in Canada owing to Donald Trump’s election?

Maybe Kellie Leitch can make that issue the centerpiece of her campaign.

I wouldn’t say there is a coalition of conservatives, they are far too diverse.

What we do have is a pendulum swinging away from progressive globalism, with not much else in common.

Considering Trudeau’s approval rating she likely faces a very steep uphill battle against a very popular incumbent.

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