Meeting between Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth [CC]


The Holy See Press Office announced that Pope Francis is receiving Queen Elizabeth II in audience on April 3."The Queen was due to come to Rome in 2013 at the private invitation of …



I thought this would be of interest to my fellow CAF members. I’m happy to see Her Majesty visiting His Holiness Pope Francis. She is a lady of strong Christian faith. Certainly there are wide gulfs between Anglicanism and Catholicism, especially since the ordination of women in the Anglican Church, sad to say. But she’s a good influence in her country, which I hope her successors will be too.


Pope Francis, in my opinion, has changed and will continue to change the minds, hearts and souls of many. The Pope has already had a very positive impact on Vatican tv with revenues up 40% in the past year. A new Rome based magazine featuring Pope Francis has published over 3 million copies with their 1st publication.

The influence Pope Francis has based on his humble way of life (no red shoes, etc) is changing the hearts and souls of millions of people across the globe.

We will see more and more converts over the years that follow. (I say so with little hesitation) and can only pray that our Pope will soften the hearts of many political leaders.

“Pope Francis mania” “The Francis affect” “Man of the Year” and the love that this wonderful man shares with the world makes the times we live in very exciting.

As he has asked several times from the faithful “Pray for me”.


:thumbsup: This is definitely a good thing.


Dear brothers and sisters,

As a British Catholic I was very pleased to see our lovely queen meeting his Holiness today at the Vatican. I know there is a lot of bad history etc. between our monarchy and the Roman Church but as a British Catholic I was over the moon to see it and think it was a wonderful meeting.

Our queen is the head of the Church of England and I naturally don’t support that as a Catholic but I do love her and the monarchy and don’t see a problem with that- even St. Thomas More went to his death saying “I die loyal servant of the King”.

I personally think it was a very special thing. God save the queen and God bless our Holy Father, the Supreme Pontiff!!!

Here is a link to the meeting if anyone is interested in seeing the footage, her majesty was exempt from wearing the black mantilla. Usually non Catholic women wear a black dress and mantilla for an official visit to meet the Pope, only Catholic monarchs and consorts are permitted to wear a white mantilla. British royal tradition dictates, however ,that no member of the royal family wears black unless in mourning, a tradition which her majesty has kept when she has visited the Vatican on previous occasions. However, this time Pope Francis exempted her from this requirement…she wore purple- haha she was in liturgical colour for Lent!

I was most touched by the fact that the Pope asked the queen to pray for him!!!


I do love the Queen. So sprightly and committed. And I continue to be impressed with the Pope.


Thank you for sharing this. Indeed, God save the Queen and God bless our Holy Father, the Supreme Pontiff!!


Not to mention the bad political history between the UK and Argentina over the Falklands. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:



I have much admired the queen for many years. Her dedication to her country above all else is an attribute in these days and time. She has such dignity and poise. God bless her.


This is the sixth time Queen Elizabeth has met a Pope .

The Queen is 87 years of age and is remarkable in fulfilling her duties . No one can match the duty and service she has given to her country and to the Commonwealth over these years .

God bless Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis .


Althouzgh actually, if you zoom out to the bigger picture and look at relations between Britain and Argentina over the last 200 years or so, there is much more good than bad. There was AFAIK more British immigration to Argentina than to any other Latin American country and this can still be seen in the relative comonality of British surnames in Argentina, as well as some of the smaller towns having British sounding names. There are even villages in Patagonia in which Welsh (!!) is still spoken today.

For many years, Britain was one of Argentina’s chief trading partners, with much of the corned beef that was sold in Britain coming from Argentina. The British built much of Argentina’s railway system, and the British influence can still be seen if you study the architecture of the great railway stations of Buenos Aires.

Not to mention of course sporting links such as polo and horse racing


Well yes, but compared to the English 100,000 population in Argentina, Italians number 60% at 24,000,000 and of course our Pope Francis is of Italian/Argentine ancestry. :slight_smile:



I saw footage of the meeting between pope francis and queen elizabeth. The queen looked stylish as always. I loved her hat. She never ceases to amaze me with her sense of duty and how she seems down to earth and elegant at the same time.

As a former episcopalian and anglican I am so happy that the queen does meet with the popes considering she is the head of the church of england and I sincerely feel she wants to represent both british anglicans and british catholics when she is in rome.


I was about to menyion exactly that! Las Malvinas!


Well that was before the war of the Malvinas. They are still fighting over that and if you remember in Argentina even the English language was outlawed (villages speaking welsh was also before, again there were severe penalties for any Argentinian speaking English or anything that resembled the UK). The situation has gotten better but the relationship between the UK and Argentina is very rocky.


I seek individuals of other faiths and glad I noticed your post. I think there are few who are not impressed by the Holy Father, the 265th successor to St. Peter.

As Christians we are all brothers and sisters of the Lord. Jesus clearly named Peter as His successor of His Church.

In the years that follow, more and more people as well as world leaders and dignataries will continue to be impressed with the virtues of this great man, Pope Francis.


I think so too - I’ve just been on retreat and the text we looked at was Evangelii Gaudium - truly inspiring.


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