Meeting God in my dreams?


I am not so sure if God was speaking to me in my dreams… But here it goes

i had a dream i was in my dad’s field with a few cattle. Well to my left and right there were gates that were left unlocked. On my left that gate leaded to the yard and the gate on my right lead to the road and I was just about to shut the gate on my right and then suddenly i seen this cow give me this evil stare as if it was trying to say if i move he will come charging at me. So I got scared and then i glanced at the gate again and once i looked back suddenly a horse was infront of me saying " Don’t you have faith in me?" and i responded " Yes i have faith but i am just scared of how much pain i will feel when i die" and then the horse kept talking about something else and my mind wondered and then i was like “what?” and then i woke up


Hi :slight_smile:

Our dreams are usually our minds dealing with various emotions and maybe unresolved issues. It is part of the healing process of sleep. Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough faith, perhaps also you fear any suffering that might precede death. Even though it may not be God speaking to you as such, it is likely to be your brain trying to sort out things that bother you at some level. If it helps in that, a dream has done it’s work.

Sleep and the ability to dream are gifts of our humanity, and in that context, they are God’s gift to us.

Best wishes, Trishie :slight_smile:


Most dreams are just a way to work out issues you’re not paying enough attention to in waking life.

References to death in dreams aren’t usually about physical death, but about some kind of change that will entail the “death” of something in your life. Your subconscious may have come up with the horse as a symbol for God or something else, including your ability to trust your own decision-making capabilities. Ask yourself how you feel about horses in general. Do you admire them? Are you awed by their strength and power? Are you afraid of them? How did you feel toward the horse in the dream? Were you drawn to him? Afraid of him? You had two gates, one on the “home” side, one on the “road” side. The road is a very effective way for you to express “journey” or “change” to yourself because it leads from here to somewhere else, somewhere you can’t see and so is unknown. You were about to close the gate to the road, and even went so far as to admit your fear. Cows are complacent, cumbersome, move slowly. They can be very suggestive of comfort, even laziness. Your cow didn’t want you to go anywhere; it wanted you to stay put. So, what change is trying to happen in your life that you’re reluctant to proceed with?


On further reflection, it’s also possible that “road” was some major temptation you’re fighting and which you were about to shut the gate on…


I once dreamed a man or a pope or someone (there was no face, it’s black/hidden)… told me something which really helps me because at that time I’d been afraid and wondered what to do with my life, that was the time when I began to know some spiritual matters… It’s very much consoling… When that horse said " Don’t you have faith in me?", maybe at that time when you’ve your dream you’re wondering or thinking on something. Your dream somehow is another way to help you.

I tried not to think of some details in my dream since I’m no expert in interpreting dreams. :smiley:
I just extract the one that has been said coz this is the one matters most.

But you know even now I still wonder about those other details. :shrug:

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