Meeting other married couples


My husband and I would like to find other married couples to hang out with. We are both in our early 30’s with a 3 year old son and one due in June. All of my friends are single moms(not by choice) who are waiting to date when their kids are much older or they are unmarried couples living together. I’m fortunate for great friends but we would like to start meeting other married couples. I am active in my church with the Christian Mothers(great group of women) but I’m the only member under 50 so far. But whenever we try to strike up a conversation with another couple, they don’t seem interested or think we are stalking them. From what I’ve noticed over the past few years, the young couples are probably busy, which I can understand, or they are in their own little cliques and have no interest in expanding their social circles. An example of such snobbery happened to us when my husband and I attended the pre-baptism class at our church. We tried to introduce ourselves to the other couples but just got the cold shoulder. It didn’t help everybody knew each other. Needless to say, I was really hurt. It is also sad that a lot of people in our age group are so wrapped in material goods at our parish. We are considering attending the rural parish which is farther away. I’m trying not to get depressed but when I hear the other couples talking about getting together, it hurts me. I am quiet and not the type to just “butt” in. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas.


It gets a LOT easier when the kids are in preschool and elementary school… there are parents EVERYWHERE and sometimes that can get overwhelming on the other end of the spectrum! :stuck_out_tongue:
Are there any local preschools (maybe even one at a local Catholic parish???) where you may consider sending your child? Or maybe find an activity that your child can do - like soccer - there will be other parents there too! These are just the areas where we have met TONS of other parents - now we can’t go anywhere without seeing people we know! :rolleyes:


In addition to the great spots above, I found volunteering at an orthodox parish really helpful. Volunteering gives you plenty of opportunity to introduce yourself without ever worrying about “butting in” since it’s part of the volunteering job. Also, Catholics who live their faith are not snobbish nor materialistic, though they still have long time close friends and still are willing to spend cash on their families. But obviously there is a difference between people with Christ in their hearts and those with secularism in their hearts. Maybe where you live it is hard to find a good parish, but if you do and volunteer there or send your kids to Catholic school there you should meet plenty of young and faithful parents. Wish you the best.


And I, as a single person (without children) am hurt when married couples don’t want to be friends with me, simply because I’m not married. The few married couples that do not hold that against me find that I can converse with them about many married vocation topics…children, NFP, Catholic marriage, etc. In fact, they’ve learned a lot from me about their own marriages and faith.


Hi Laura, and where are you located?

Does your parish or one nearby have any active family ministries ( or Ask your parish pastor, as he should be supporting such activities in your parish, (or one nearby).


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