Meeting Priest for the first time tomorrow!

I’m not sure where to post this so forgive me if there’s a better place for it! Tomorrow I’m going to see the priest to discuss entry into the RCIA program. I’m sort of nervous having never really talked to a priest before. Not to mention I made a total arse of myself over the phone (he asked my phone number and in a brilliant display of new-mommy brain I couldn’t remember it for the life of me!) I tend to act like a total idiot when I’m nervous (it’s a wonder I’ve ever got any jobs seeing as how I always butcher the interviews)
Also not sure how to approach the whole my husband is a pagan thing. (Is it important to bring this up???)
What kinds of questions will he ask me? Do you think I have reason to be nervous?
Mostly just looking for reassurance :o

Aww, honey, don’t be nervous, Well, okay, go ahead and be nervous, I can’t change how you feel but I can help you know that the Priest is just a regular guy who is just wanting to get to know you. This will be the first of many interviews I am sure with him and the more you do, the more comfortable you will get with him;)

You can mention that your husband is Pagan as it will help your Priest in helping you with your coming home.

Remember, always remember, anyone you are talking to is just as human as you are and may be just as nervous as you are - even Priests can be shy!

If it will help you and you are okay with it, call the office and ask if there is a set of questions he will ask you or if there is anything you should bring with you to this appointment (like your Baptismal certificate).

Brenda V. (praying for a relaxed visit with the Priest for you)

Good for you! As a convert, myself, I know these first steps are pretty scary/intimidating.

I don’t have a lot of answers for you, but I doubt very much that your husband’s faith (or lack thereof) will be any kind of issue in you joining RCIA. Does he object to what you are doing?

No, you don’t have any reason to be nervous. Of course, I would be nervous anyway, so don’t feel bad about that. I’m sure you are not the first person to approach him feeling nervous.

I hope that you will feel reassured by the people on this board. Many of us have been where you are now, and it’s sooooo worth it. God bless you as you continue your journey. My prayers are with you tomorrow.


You’ll probably be nervous no matter what, but remember this: every Catholic is going to be so glad you’re joining the Church! I bet you anything that the priest will be so happy to see you, and see that you’re committed, that any “goofy nervousness” will not even be noticed :slight_smile: !
One thing you can do: ask your guardian angel to go before you. You can even ask him to talk to your priest’s guardian angel and “smooth the way” for you. Padre Pio used to do this all the time. Believe me, it works!!
Praying for you - and welcome to the fold!!

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Great idea. May I add that you ask the Holy Spirit to give you the right words when speaking with the Priest? He (the Holy Spirit) will help you with some of that “goofy nervousness” speaking!

Let us know how it went okay? You know we are all here for you and I will be praying to the Holy Spirit to assist both you and the Priest :smiley:

Brenda V.

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How exciting tapioca! Hope everything goes smoothly - I’m sure you will be fine. I remember being nervous at my first meeting with the priest who took me through RCIA. I get that mental block thing too. :rolleyes: I’m guessing he will be very kind and gentle and will simply be thrilled to be helping you on your journey Home. God bless! :slight_smile:

Tapioca… believe me when I tell you that priests have heard it all! Don’t be nervous… they are here to help you and never judge you. Heck, my ex was a satanist for a while and even though being raised Catholic, he managed to trick me into believing he was Catholic when we were dating… right after the wedding I found out he considered himself a pagan or a Wiccan… then later a high priest in the pagan worshiping community… My priest didn’t bat an eyelash… And when the man left me and his 3 children… he didn’t bat an eye then either. He just took it in stride and counseled me just like anybody else.

Hey, I never dial my own phone so I probably couldn’t tell you my number either. I am sure it isn’t half as bad as you imagine.

Congrats on this very exciting step in your life.

I am a convert from paganism. It is important that you tell the priest about your husband. He needs to have accurate information as to what your situation is, in order to help you enter the faith.

Admitting to the priest that I had been pagan was a very difficult thing to do but I was met with nothing but understanding. Good luck and God bless.

Well… how did it go???

Thanks for asking! It went really well. The priest seems like a really nice guy! :thumbsup: He just asked why I wanted to be catholic, if I was on my first marriage, if my DH supported my conversion, that sort of thing.
I’m just a little worried about RCIA because it takes place during a time that DH is working so I’m wondering how to find a babysitter. I don’t want to leave my tiny baby with someone I don’t know. I could ask my Mom but I’m not sure she’ll say yes. (She is retired). We have a neighbour down the hall who I’m sure wouldn’t mind babysitting but she has a very demanding 2 year old and I don’t agree at all with her parenting choices (she leaves her 2 year old alone in the tub for example) on the other hand, it would only be for 3 hours or so a week…

Take her with you! How old is she? If she is still “in arms” I am sure she would be welcome, as she can’t really disrupt anything.

This is a pro-life church, remember?!

That said, there is no church pro-life enough to welcome my insane four year old boy who writes on the walls, flushes things down the toilet, climbs everything… he would not be welcome because no meeting could proceed in his presence. But a teeny-tiny? I am sure all involved would be fine with her being there.

hmm I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps I should ask the priest? He’ll be just under 3 months old when RCIA starts in September. But I thought it would be more like a college class (you know, bring a pen and paper, make study notes that sort of thing) so I wouldn’t want to disrupt things with my babe…

Yay Tapioca!!! After going through RCIA many times as a sponsor… nobody will have a problem with a newborn… or they may volunteer a person to watch your darling in the next room and bring to you for feedings… we also paid for a babysitter for one woman who had 3 darlings at very difficult ages… but a 3 month old… not a problem to take with you!!!

Full steam ahead. Good job.:thumbsup:

Great news Tapioca - you will be in my prayers as you go through the process and remember we are all here for you!

Now, BlestOne beat me to this! Of course they will be expecting you to bring your baby with you and when he(?) gets more active they will help you find someone to watch him right there nearby! Our RCIA program works this way as we always have a relatively large group in my Parish with some being both husband and wife, some being one spouse being Catholic and the other spouse converting so there is no one to watch their babies!

Keep us up to date on how things are going!

Brenda V.

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