Meeting the Archbishop Tonight: What to Wear?


Classic red tie or blue? Dark blue or robin’s egg blue?

Three button jacket or two?


Any purple (Lent color) ties?

I’d lean toward the two button (I think is more formal).

No purple. That would have been nice. My two button jacket fits better anyway.

I have a beautiful Donna Karan woven tie, tan but it shimmers gold in the light.

I think the red draws too much attention.


Red is the color of the Apostles.

What’s the occasion? Aren’t tie colors supposed to match the occasion? (Not that I really know anything about tie fashion.)

Two button, dark blue tie. Very sharp! Hope you have an amazing night.

Dress as if you had a job interview at a conservative bank; i.e. dark suit (or sports coat, like a navy or black blazer, and dark gray trousers), white shirt, conservative tie. Both tie colors are classic conservative colors, except that red “screams” a little loudly, which may not be the visual impression you’re trying to make. Blue would be safer, I think, of those two choices, specifically the light blue, as it is softer on the eyes than a dark blue would be.

Both two and three button jackets are classic and appropriate, so long as they are of a conservative cut and color. Personally, I prefer a two button jacket, as I feel that it creates better visual balance on most men; the three button tends to make a man’s legs appear short.

Though, I side with what others have said; if you have a dark purple tie, I would wear that, as purple is apropos to the season. But to recap: Dark suit (two button), white shirt, light blue tie. For the record, I’m a personal shopper for menswear, so I’m not just making this stuff up, either. This is how I would advise my clients to dress.

Go with this guy. :thumbsup:

Agree with the last two posters. Serious, not flashy, but doesn’t give the impression you are headed for a funeral either.

Good luck!:thumbsup:

One clarification: Stay away from liturgical colors unless you are a priest and standing in front of your congregation. Besides: how many guys do you know who were purple. Dress, don’t dress up.

(All of the above is said under the assumption that there is some formal occassion and the archbishop is not your buddy from school and you are going to drown a few beers for old times sake.)

Wear whatever you would consider appropriate to wear to mass on Sunday…If it’s good enough for worshiping God - It’s good enough for the Archbishop…:wink:

Sorry - The above is a actually a little jab at the various threads we see from time to time on how one should dress to go to mass.

Tim…You have already received wonderful advice…:thumbsup:


I get your point about liturgical colors. However, it ought to be noted that I am constantly sold out of purple shirts and ties. It is the most popular single color I carry.

I respectfully disagree. I have a rose tie that I wear twice a year: Laetare Sunday and Gaudete Sunday and I wore it yesterday.

Okay, okay, it’s a pink tie but I still wear it at Mass twice a year. :cool:

Too late, but a man should always dress according to what works well with him.

Basic pointers:

A short man should wear a two button suit, as the longer v-shaped opening in the front makes him look taller. A man of average or tall height can pull both two and three button suits off. An excessively tall man will probably look better in a three button suit. I’m 6 feet and I always wear two buttons, as I think they generally look better. Colors should be limited to navies and greys. Black suits are a sartorial gaffe and should be limited to undertakers and funerals: notice that the very best makers will not have black samples for ordinary business suits and “sport” coats.

A white shirt works well for all occasions. A light blue shirt works well for most occasions, but not for formal occasions.

A NAVY BLUE tie always looks great with all outfits except formal wear. Navy ties are my favorite, they always look very good. If you’d like a bit of texture, you can buy something called a grenadine, which is a kind of chunky woven fabric, in navy. Unless you know this archbishop well and are quite comfortable with him, I would not even consider other colors.

But my number one piece of advice is this: you can look instantly 10x better if you wear good shoes. Bad shoes destroy an outfit.

Follow my advice and you will look your best always.

I see I’m not the only one who feels compelled to wear a shirt that matches the church. Good Friday is always either my red dress shirt or my black dress shirt…only time I wear either to church.

So, Tim: How did it go?

Me too. :thumbsup:

I thought some wiseacre would have suggested sack cloth and ashes. :wink:
Hope all went well.
I’ve led music for four episcopal Masses this year already, and our new bishop recognizes me simply for my portliness, I think he might have my name by now. Don’t think he noticed the two button coat, tie color (I do the festal thingy too) or the rest. Maybe I’ll wear my red Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers next time.
But he has heard the propers sung by people and choir alike in chanted form! TaDa!

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