Meeting Vocations Director

So I’m meeting with the diocesan Vocations Director on Friday! He’s going to give me a book called Is Jesus Calling Me to be a Catholic Priest and is going to help me find a spiritual director. Amazingly… I even mentioned that I love the Liturgy and want to learn Latin and he mentioned, very favorably, that “most of our current seminarians are learning the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.” I do know that a priest ordained last year sometimes celebrates the Extraordinary Form, and a deacon to be ordained priest next year is being trained in it and already is regularly the deacon for the Extraordinary Form near his seminary.

Now, since I just entered the Church I know that I won’t be able to enter a seminary for a few years, if that’s where God leads me, through the Church. But he’s happy to meet with me anyway and I’m really excited. Have any of you met with vocations directors? What was your experience?

My VD (that’s what we jokingly like to call them…venereal, I mean vocation director) is a very cool guy. He also said that most of the seminarians are Novus Ordo or Tridentine leaning (I’m more into the common vernacular).
Just a word of warning, I’ve heard that some diocese’s VDs are like used car salesmen. Make sure that both you and your VD are working toward helping you find your true vocation. That being said, I doubt more than 5% of all US dioceses have those types of VDs.
You should also check out Mary and the Priestly Ministry (ISBN: 9781601140463), as it’s a great read.
Also, my SD (spiritual director), suggested that I read The Essential Augustine (ISBN: 0915144077) and My Way of Life (no ISBN in my book, but printed by Walter Farrell and Martin Healy). Both of these books give a brief overview of the two big sluggers you’ll tackle in seminary: Augustin and Aquinas. You’ll be a step ahead of your peers (and make life much easier for you when you start hitting the books) if you’ve read these two short books.
God bless and best of luck on your discernment. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me!

Thank you so much! I will certainly pray for you!

By the way, something that may help my process is that I’m not in a hurry anyway. Part of me wants to jump right in… but most of me is saying, I have a waiting period anyway, I want to do this right, and I really believe my current job is the right place for me to be for at least another year or two (but not forever). I plan to make that clear to the VD (as you call him!).

Edit: I just noticed you like Stargate and Firefly. So I’m sure you make a great priest! :thumbsup:

That’s only because they’re the GREATEST SHOWS EVER.
Thanks and take care.

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