Meeting with priest


I am having a meeting with my priest on Monday.

Dh was Catholic (but not confirmed) when we were married, but I was not. We didn’t have a Catholic wedding. He still isn’t confirmed, but I was fully initiated Easter 06. Nobody has any clear ideas on whether or not my marrige is valid, but most people are leaning towards no.

So, that is why I am meeting with my priest on Monday. I have put it off a little bit and I know that I shouldn’t have. :blush:

Luckily I feel very comfortable with my priest, but I am a bit wary too. He is quite ‘liberal’ but so are all of the priests I have checked out in my area.

On a side note, I am looking forward to also getting my rosary blessed on Monday.


You are in my prayers, Kanda…may your meeting go well…and I hope you have your marriage blessed soon. My husband and I eloped 16 yrs ago…but our official Catholic blessing came in October of 2005. So…technically, we are still newlyweds.

It will work out…I just know it.


I pray that all goes well for you. Welcome to the family!!


Thank you both. I am feeling a little, well, it is a big ole jumble of feelings! I appreciate your prayers.

Congrates on your blessing whatever girl.


You will feel like a new woman…and he like a new man…after having your marriage blessed. It is the best thing we ever did…we were always following our faith–but never realized that we had to be married in a Catholic church in order to be considered ‘valid.’ I really think that the pulpit should be a sanctuary for teaching, because many Catholics don’t understand the teachings of the Church…or are even aware of some of them…thankfully, we have read the CCC, and are on our ways to being better informed Catholics…

Please update us on what happens…if you could?:slight_smile:


My brother had his marriage blessed in the church and confirmed on the same day. It was beautiful.

Do not worry. All obstacles can be overcome and God’s plan for you both will unfold soon. God Bless.


Well, I am leaving in about 10 minutes. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

I think I am mostly nervous because my dh isn’t confirmed and I don’t think he really wants to be. :frowning: He supports my decisions and is very supportive of me going to church and getting involved in the parish community. We have baptized our children and he is supportive and involved in their upbringing in the church (he just doesn’t go). That probably doesn’t make sense. Basically, he makes sure they attend with me, he sits in when we read their childrens’ bible and he answers questions that they have and he prays with them at bedtime. He just isn’t into the whole “church” part of it. That is where my nervousness comes from.

I agree with you whatevergirl that the pulpit should be a place of teaching. I went through RCIA recently and I really didn’t learn much of anything about the catechism. We pretty much just focused on breaking open the word. Luckily, I knew that I was being called to the Catholic faith and am willing to continue learning all that I can.

One of the things I was also going to ask my priest was about learning more. On Sunday though he announced that he would be holding a Catholic Learning Summer Camp for adults! My question was answered already on that issue and I am so excited to attend. It is next week, so I am very very pumped!

Well, I’ll let you all know how it goes when I get back. I probably won’t be online until later tonight because my dad is coming over for dinner. I’ll check in here after the kids go to bed.


Everything went really, really well. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted.

My priest has asked that we attend a marrige encounter weekend. Has anyone gone to one? Can you tell me a little bit about it please?

Also, I was able to work out and recieve some guidance on some issues relating to my biological father.

I had my rosary blessed. It was really moving to pray one on one with my priest.

So, I left wondering why I had put that off the way that I did. :shrug:

Again, any insight on the marrige encounter would be great.


:extrahappy: :bounce:

:extrahappy: HOORAY–THAT’S TERRIFIC! I’m glad you shared this with us…what a great testimony to your faith…and your following God’s plan for your life. Happy it all worked out…!!!


PS–Marriage encounter…have never been…heard it’s amazing from people who have been…very moving…Is there something about it on the web anywhere?


Marriage encounter? That’s interesting.

We went about 15 years ago. It was all about communication, from what I remember. They teach a communication technique that facilitates talking about anything.


You mean he was not like the big bad wolf? J/K

I am glad to hear that it went well. We get along so good with our 2 priests at our parish, it is always refreshing to hear others that have good relationships with their priests. Sounds like this could be the beginning of that!!


Ours was a lot of communication but also other things about marriage in general. There will be a lot of writing… my husband really hated that part, but I learned a lot about him. Two couples, one older and one young that talked about the difference in stages of marriage. And a rather immature Q&A session.

We liked ii and still joke about being life partners, while my husband calls me life leach:p



Can you tell me about it? What did you have to do to get ready?

My husband was confirmed the same year I converted. He never went as a teen so it is quite odd to his parents that we go now.


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