Meeting with Vocations Director, any advice?


I have contacted my vocations director for my diocese and let him know that I want to attend seminary to continue discerning my vocation. He wants to meet with me to decide if I am ready for seminary. How does he come to the decision if I am ready? How do these initial interviews normally go? Any advice would be much appreciated!

I am a college graduate, so I would be attending pre-theology.




Wait for your conversation with your director.
In the meantime…discern.
pray. pray some more.
Visit nursing homes.
Be patient.
I will say a prayer for you, for peace of mind and patience.


Praying for your discernment!

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


He will have a conversation with you, ask some questions and so on, no big deal.
He won’t decide if you’re ready or not for the seminary after one hour or two, probably he will ask you to attend some meetings with other young men in the same position as you, maybe help your parish somehow, and he will keep talking with you. Only after some time he will decide if you can go to the seminary or not.
Just be calm and sincere.


He’s going to be asking you some question about your personal life - a lot of questions, a lot of very personal questions. He’s also going to be asking about what attracts you to priesthood and specifically priesthood in that diocese. What he’s aiming at is understanding your faith journey to date and your overall readiness to enter the seminary. Most likely, this is only the first part, with at least a psychological assessment as interview with the bishop (who makes the final decision) to follow. Just try to be as open and honest as possible and don’t stress too much - they’re not expecting you to be perfect; they are expecting you to be human.


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