Meghan McCain knocks Trump at John McCain's funeral service: 'America was always


With the passing of Senator McCain there were several threads. On those threads some people criticized posters who expressed negative opinions about Senator McCain. They said it was inappropriate and disrespectful. But the Senator’s own daughter turned his funeral into a political event by taking shots at the current president.

That is the thing about politicians and their families, anything and everything is political. This is why I don’t think deceased politicians should be given some particular ‘respect’ at death where they can’t be criticized that they themselves don’t give to the moment.


I think that we all aspire to good conduct, which includes respectful treatment of of the dead during the period of morning; we hope that that dignity will be afforded, someday, to Trump.

Comparing a decent respect for the dead to to an avoidance of criticism of current office holder misses point,.


There is one thing that Trump will never have and that is class. He couldn’t even stop tweeting during the funeral service. Money can’t buy everything.


Poor Meghan. I know how hard it is to lose a father. :disappointed:


I wouldn’t argue that Trump is classy. But I don’t see class in most people, especially politicians. Why shouldn’t Trump tweet during a funeral he wasn’t invited to, for a man who was his political enemy who passed on salacious and apparently false spy documents about him, and where his daughter took the opportunity to make political digs at him?


How do you conclude that the dossier material is “apparently false”?


Because there were some obvious falsehoods in it, such as the claim (run by the media after a leak from the FBI or DoJ) that Michael Cohen had been to Prague to do a deal with Russians. The only problem is that Michael Cohen has never been to Prague; it was a different Michael Cohen, one completely unaffiliated with Trump, his legal team, or his campaign.

Further, Fusion GPS was working with Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie to act as a go-between between her husband in the DoJ and Christopher Steele, who was writing the document. It’s a disgusting, incestuous relationship between these people, and the truth is starting to come out. They didn’t even get a proper FISA court hearing to get the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign; they just lied and went ahead and did it anyway, bypassing the courts and the Fourth Amendment. Because what do it matter when trampling someone’s constitutional rights when there’s an election to overturn, right?


What evidence do you have to support this claim?

Irrelevant to the question of truth.


The eulogies by Meghan McCain, former Presidents Bush and Obama, and even Henry Kissinger, still doing amazingly well at his advanced age, were for me very moving and inspirational. I felt somewhat ashamed of my own life of relative comfort and ease, avoiding many risks mostly out of fear, after hearing again the many ways that Senator John McCain served our country.


It show where people’s priorities are when they can be bothered to worry about making some statement or shot at someone or something. Kind of sad a celebration of life and a mourning of his passing cant just somewhat apolitical.

This probably really bothers the folks who complained about using pictures of coffins draped in flags in campaign commercials.


“Shots” were taken at particular aspects of the current political climate in Washington. If the shoe fits Trump, that’s on him.


How do you know that the National Enquirer doesn’t have the same dirt as the dossier?


There are plenty of good people with class. You can’t salvage Trump’s reputation by dragging everyone else down to his level. I’m not buying it. I actually see class in most people.


So this:

The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great

Wasn’t directed at Trump? Using his campaign slogan and denying it isn’t directed at Trump? Of course it was.

But even if it wasn’t is a funeral the place to take ‘shots’? Can the dead not be honored without dishonoring others? This was admittedly more classy than Aretha Franklin’s funeral where many speakers took the opportunity to insult Trump.

I don’t intend to salvage his reputation. And in fact if you think his reputation is bad then you must agree with my point. The president reflects the American people because he is elected by them. If he isn’t classy then we aren’t.


Nope. Trump isn’t one tenth as classy as the people who elected him.


Do you have a study to prove that? If not then it just your unsubstantiated opinion.


I read Leaf’s post as a compliment to you and others. :slight_smile:


I understand how hurtful it was to the McCain family when Trump made the insensitive statement and in very poor judgment “I only like people who don’t get caught” meaning they don’t become POW’s. Meagan has said she will never forgive Trump for that.
Losing a parent is difficult. When my own father died, it was sudden. I did not have days or months to prepare for his death.
Even though you know your father will soon be passing it is hard to prepare for the actual reality and permanence of death. She is hurting. It must be difficult to mourn the passing of your father in such a public manner.

I live in Arizona and happened to be in Phoenix a day after McCain died. I drove my friend pass the mortuary where his body was before the memorial service.
She was a McCain fan. I wasn’t. I honor and thank him for his military service.
I probably voted for him numerous times -
the last two times holding my nose.

Why he didn’t invite Sarah Palin and her husband to his funeral was the last straw for me. I voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. I did not want Obama. Sarah Palin put more heart and fight in that race than John McCain ever did.

I purposefully refused to watch the memorial service in Phoenix or the funeral in Washington D.C.
I lost my respect for this politician long ago.

Typical of the hypocrites on the left to embrace John McCain after ripping him apart when he ran against Obama.

I guess Megan can be forgiven for her pettiness knocking Trump at her Dad 's
funeral. She is inconsolable. Life will return to normal and she will be back on The View facing life without her father and still shedding tears.


Trump’s name was never brought up, even once, at the service. If you think that stating “America has always been great” is problematic, that’s sad.


In the time of death, you should forgive. Does one think they are bigger than God, that they can’t forgive? Very sad. Also from the reporting, it seems that hating on Trump was more important than anything else and remembering McCain.

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