Meghan McCain knocks Trump at John McCain's funeral service: 'America was always


Sad, but evidently true of a significant portion of the voting population, if they elected Trump.

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I guess classy would be someone who supports late term abortion and is the best friend to Planned Parenthood and was given the Margaret Sanger award?



“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today…” - Ernest Hemingway



Really? We’re going to pretend that this wasn’t directed at Trump? The issues isn’t whether anyone thinks America was always great but why make a political jab at a funeral.



“Classy” in this instance doesn’t refer to one’s political views and beliefs, but rather the way one acts and treats other people. Trump is a coarse, vulgar, boorish bully, and it’s not even up for discussion, because it’s constantly on display.



they are grieving for their father. obviously there is bad blood between them’

have some compassion

as catholics we are called to quit engaging in this gossip mongering.

we are catholic and called to be charitable, compassionate and show mercy



As Sen. McCain planned his own funeral, I would imagine that his daughter took her cues from him; she has every right to carry out her father’s wishes, and also to express her own feelings. Again, if anyone has a problem with the statement that “America has always been great”, that’s sad. It’s sadder still that the present occupant of the White House doesn’t think it is.

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Isn’t that the classic whataboutism I hear so much about? Anyway, we can find the same behavior in many people, including McCain.

How does compassion factor in? Lashing out at people isn’t excusable, even if you are grieving.

Pure speculation. Her words are entirely her responsibility.

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where is your compassion

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I haven’t been making comments on CAF about Pres. Trump very often.

But no matter how Pres. Trump acts–in our city, it really doesn’t matter, because more people have real jobs with real benefits! Even in the “bad” section of our city, lots of new businesses are starting up. Several of the old factories that have been closed for two decades have been re-opened and re-tooled to start manufacturing again. People have money to spend, and they’re spending it making their lives better. Houses are selling like cheeseburgers–my friends put their house on the market and it sold the very same day for full asking price. Eight years ago, it would have sat on the market for at least a year, and probably they would have ended up taking the For Sale sign down and just sticking it out.

My brother’s factory is so busy that he and his coworkers are working 18-hour days–that’s ten hours of overtime per day, 70 hours of overtime a week! He’s going to be stashing some nice money into his retirement fund.

The farmers in our state are happy. If you listen to the early morning farm shows, they don’t seem to have any big concerns, other than flooding.

We have discussions going on with Mexico and Canada about a new economic deal–it’s not done yet, but it sure looks promising.

And I think that our crime rate is dropping–not much, but a little is a lot in this city! When people have hope, they are less likely to get involved with crime.

We’ve had several “polite”, civil Presidents, and people were poor and worn out and hopeless. Now we have a coarse, vulgar, boorish bully–and the economy is soaring!

I’m feeling optimistic about things for the first time since Pres. Clinton was in office! I’d rather have someone boorish who delivers than someone classy who does nothing but raise taxes and blame “the rich”.



Actually, it has been mentioned many times this past week that Sen. McCain planned his own funeral. It’s a very safe bet that Meghan’s words reflected not only her own sentiments, but those of her father, as well.

If anyone has a problem with her stating that “America has always been great”, I don’t know what to say to them, other than, “Good for her.”

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So McCain wrote his own eulogy, which his daughter delivered? That is both weird and dishonest. Let’s hope that isn’t the case. Regardless, whoever wrote those words I feel sorry for them. I also feel sorry for her for delivering them. It is sad.



I would say approving of abortion and thinking it is okay to kill the most vulnerable among us has to do with the way one acts and treats others.

You don’t like President Trump’s behavior or personality. McCain even described himself as being arrogant and breaking all the rules when he was younger. He cheated on his crippled wife more than once and asked her for a divorce to marry his second wife Cindy. John McCain also
had a sharp tongue and knew how to
humiliate people.
We are imperfect creatures and sinners.

I remember at the funeral of Diana, her brother Charles lashed out at the Royal
family. Unfortunately, deaths and funerals bring out the worst in families sometimes and when there is media is involved, they seem to use it to their advantage to score
I have found these past 4 days a really sad
spectacle. A lot of hypocrisy everywhere
you look.



McCain, unlike Trump, begged forgiveness and acknowledged his faults, particularly with regard to his first wife. Still waiting for Trump to apologize for anything.

Yes, you’re right in that I don’t like Trump’s behavior or personality. I am constantly astonished that anyone - especially anyone who professes to be a Christian - tolerates his boorishness. He’s a bullying, vengeful serial adulterer and liar, and everyone should be calling him out on it. His pretense of being “pro-life” has folks bamboozled.



Trump, constantly obsessed with his public image, is probably now scripting his own funeral. The list of people to be uninvited must be a mile long.

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So the only reason a person would vote for Trump in the 2016 election is because they weren’t “classy”?


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I was wondering the same thing too.



It was refreshing in a sense that everyone spoke in coherent and complete sentences. And they spoke about John not themselves. It was about his service to our (always) great nation.



I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this reaction. The whole funeral was depressing. Yes, I want our politicians to get along, but I don’t want them to give up important issues just for the sake of being civil.

I think it is sickening that Sen. McCain had so little respect for the OFFICE of the President of the United States that he would not invite him to the funeral. That’s vindictive. I didn’t care for Pres. Obama, but I would never have disrespected him or his office. Same for Pres. Clinton, who actually accomplished quite a lot of good for conservatives as well as liberals (he was very business-friendly).

CIVILITY in the U.S. begins at the TOP–with respect for the President of the United States!

The “subtle” barbs spoken against Pres. Trump by the orators at the funeral were despicable . A funeral is not the time to air the dirty laundry. As far as I’m concerned, Sen. McCain’s name was tarnished by the attempts of Pres. Bush and Pres. Obama, and Ms. McCain, to call out Pres. Trump. THIS WAS NOT THE TIME! The fact that they didn’t realize that makes it hard for me to have much respect for them, other than the basic respect due to any fellow human being on our shared path to the grave and eternity.

I am especially disgusted by the number of “stars” who eloquently praised Sen. McCain, but just a year ago were calling him “racist.” Hypocrites. Liars. Posers.



Meghan McCain just had an interview published in Glamour Magazine. I think she is seeking power, perhaps for a political career. She is very intelligent to recognize that Glamour Magazine has a major role in shaping the thoughts of many women in this country. My mother bought me my first subscription when I was 15 years old, and I am now 61 and have read the magazine all these years.

It’s not just the usual women’s magazine with articles about decorating, food, fashion, makeup, and sex (lots of sex!)! It has consistently published political articles, and interestingly, it usually contains at least one article per issue with a very favorable and fair-minded conservative bent, although most of the articles and the editorials are blatantly far-left liberal with absolutely no sympathy for the unborn .

The article featuring Meghan presented her as a thoughtful conservative–much like her father is being portrayed in the last few weeks. I think she is trying to come across as a reasonable, willing-to-compromise, friends to everyone, moderate-thinking all-around nice person who is also tough and uncompromising when it comes to women’s rights! (No mention of choice issues in this article.)

And she didn’t mention her thoughts about the military–many Glamour readers have bought into eliminating all military involvement by the U.S. in any part of the world, and only fighting wars if it becomes necessary to defend our own country. If Meghan were to state that she’s pro-military (as her father was), she would be rejected outright by many Glamour readers.

So she’s a smart woman.

Yes, I definitely would vote for Meghan McCain if she ran against Chelsea Clinton for any political race (probably won’t happen in my state of Illinois!).

But I don’t think she would have a chance against the liberal machine, and I think many conservatives would be unhappy with what they see as “compromising.” I myself fear that she would compromise on non-negotiable life issues.


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