Mel Gibson a Catholic?


Sorry if this has been covered a million times before. I got into a discussion with a friend after watching The Passion of the Christ over Easter.

Is Mel Gibson actually a Catholic? From what I have read his father belongs to a group of sedevacantists, and his own membership is a mystery. Is he a heretic? I find some of the imagery, and the focus on the physicality of Christ’s sufferings in the Passion, gives the wrong impression of what Christ’s redemptive death and resurrection is all about. I found it hard to explain to my friend after the film that it is His obedience unto death, and not the number of times He is scourged, that purchased our salvation.


I think he is a Catholic. His father is a sedificantist. Dont quote me on that but I saw it on TV shortly after the film came out.


I find some of the imagery, and the focus on the physicality of Christ’s sufferings in the Passion, gives the wrong impression of what Christ’s redemptive death and resurrection is all about.

This is simply an aesthetic, artistic and cultural rendering. Many cultures include such graphic reminders as a reminder of how much suffering Our Lord endured for us. Southern European and Latin American countries in particular have many customs associated with this. It is simply a personal preference and there is no right or “wrong impression.”

My belief is that, as Americans, we tend to shy away from such depictions because they remind us how much Our Lord loved and suffered for us, despite our sinfulness. Americans, myself included, tend to avoid reminders of their own sinfulness. Maybe that is why it is fitting that our national patroness is the Immaculate Conception. :rolleyes:


Mel is in my HO a schismatic. I have witnessed him speaking on TV years back that he denies the validity of the Novus Ordo Mass. He has publicly criticized Pope John Paul 2 for being “too liberal”.


JP2 Was too liberal, I mean, HE KISSED THE KORAN!

My oppinion of the Pope doesn’t make me a schismatic.


I don’t know why the Pope did that but that PALES in comparision to what Mel has done. Mel is a hypocrite as he complains about the Pope and yet he appears in films with him engaging in sexual exploits. What part of Thou shalt not commit adultery doesn’t he understand?


i don’t agree with Pope JP2 being too liberal. he is a good Pope and a good, humble, tolerant person, but still very faithful to his beliefs.


Mel Gibson claims Catholicism but has his own brand. He started his own church in California which is not recognized by Rome.

here is a website that gives a bit of detail of his path at the moment.


For whatever it’s worth:



Pope John Paul did NOT kiss the koran!


Then what is this?


Oh geez, not the koran debate again. Sheesh. If the act itself was scandalous, continually dragging it out and putting it on display has to be considered just as scandalous.

As for the question on Mel, he built an independent chapel and has an independent priest offer the traditional Latin Mass there. If one or one’s organization builds and operates a church without the permission of the lawful local ordinary or the Supreme Pontiff, it seems to me that would signal something fishy in regards to one’s communion with the Catholic Church.


Lets put an end to this and get back to the thread.
Here is the text for JP2 kissing the Qur’an:

May 14, 1999 - John Paul II kisses the Koran (Qu’ran) at the Vatican.

To the objectors who claim that this book was not the Koran, we present an excerpt from an interview with FIDES News Service (June 1, 1999). In it, Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Raphael I affirmed that he was present when John Paul II kissed the Muslim “holy” book:

"On May 14th I was received by the Pope, together with a delegation composed of the Shi'ite imam of Khadum mosque and the Sunni president of the council of administration of the Iraqi Islamic Bank. There was also a representative of the Iraqi ministry of religion. ....

"At the end of the audience the Pope bowed to the Muslim holy book, the Qu'ran, presented to him by the delegation, and he kissed it as a sign of respect. The photo of that gesture has been shown repeatedly on Iraqi television and it demonstrates that the Pope is not only aware of the suffering of the Iraqi people, he has also great respect for Islam."

Let us not debate this any further, he DID KISS the QUR’AN, end of story. Please Google it yourself, there are hundreds of pics, with text and references. He has done a lot more questionable things, than just Kiss this book of the religion of Islam. BTW, Islam (and the QUR’AN) denies the Christ and The Most Holy Trinity.


The topic of this thread is Mel Gibson not John Paul II’s actions. Please stay on topic or start a new thread to discuss any side issues. Thank you for your cooperation.


In Amercia we tend to to admire the “nice guy upsatirs” rather than worship the God who suffered and died for our sins.


If you want a real extreme, go visit the Philippines on Easter. You will see people being crucified with real spikes, many willing to do so.


I’m wondering why it matters one way or the other about Mr. Gibson. The fact is the Catholic tradition is NOT to shy away from the physicality of the crucifixion–check out artwork throughout the centuries dealing with it, very graphic. Read the stations of the Cross. Many (most?) of the acts of crucifixion are fullfillments of prophecy, so are important. The fact is Jesus did SUFFER and DIE for us, it wasn’t an easy task since we are so prone to sin.



I once saw a CNN interview with Mel Gibson where he said that he does not believe the Novus Ordo is valid. However, during the filming of The Passion he had a priest of the Institute of Christ the King (which is in full communion with Rome, and where the superiors and some of the older priests were ordained in the NO) celebrate Mass for the cast and crew every day, with an indult from the local Bishop.


I agree. I am curious about whether the priest for his church in Malibu has the proper indult from the Bishop, but I don’t think it has any bearing whatsoever on The Passion.


Jp2 Is A Saint!

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