Mel Gibson baby

I new that Mel’s wife of 30 years had a divorce from him. Today, he had a baby, I was so excited when he made the film about Jesus Christ Crucifixion. He gave me confidence about our faith. I was saddened and worried when he got his D.U.I. and was on record for his anti Jewish remarks. How he may have suffered and been confused. Is he still a proud Catholic? Am I?

It’s never good for us to put people on pedestals. Mel Gibson, while Catholic, is a sinner just like the rest of us. But be careful not to negate his good works because of his sins. If we did that with everyone then no good work would ever be recognized because we all sin! Be happy that he made a movie that strengthened peoples’ faith. Be sad that he sinned and pray for his repentance and forgiveness. Do not combine the two.

And don’t forget that his new wee little one is innocent, and deserves all the prayers in the world, as does his proud Daddy! :slight_smile:

It’s people that pretend to have it all together that worry me the most :cool:

He’s just another narcissistic, self absorbed, spoiled movie star who mainly cares about his own puffed up ego. I didn’t think much of him even at the height of public adulation by Christians after the making of Passion of Christ and his latest disgusting public displays confirm my opinion.

I tend to agree, Middleman. It’s amazing how this guy goes on rants of anti-semitism, sticks his foot in his mouth all the time, then leaves his wife, shacks up with this Russian, and has a baby with her out of wedlock? He’s now in a relationship that the Church would never grant, living in perpetual sin, and putting his soul in great peril. The guy was married 30 years and I’m supposed to believe the Church would grant him an annulment essentially stating that a valid marriage never existed? 30 years of marriage, 4 or 5 children with his devoted Anglican wife, and a valid marriage never existed? No way. Mel’s living in sin and better get it together. I remember all those statements he made about his wife being a wonderful woman but, since she’s an Anglican, her sould was in real jeopardy and she could go to hell for it. Funny how she’s the one who remained faithful to the end and this guy is the one locked in sin and who ruined the marriage by his own admission. Living on a high horse and thinking that making a great religious film will give you saintly status is a big mistake evidently…What a shame, too, because i loved Mel for years, since I was a kid. He really missed an opportunity to represent the Church and be a good man. Sad stuff.

Mel Gibson’s faith (or lack thereof) should not affect our own spiritual life.

It just goes to show you how truly difficult it is for the rich & famous to stay faithful.

Very let down by Mel. But Old Testament David did some pretty shocking things too. Mel could use a prayer or two :twocents:

Such different posts. Some showing compassion others firing brimstone. I am happy to remember he is human and makes mistakes. I do not think he is a loud, mouth, egotistical celebrity
His hands nailed Jesus Hands on to the cross in his movie. Someone in my family had a baby out of wedlock. One Sunday a circle of parisonars prayed and I was "reminded that God put that baby in this world for a reason and only one can judge. "

In the end, we’re going to all regret that Mel ever made Passion. It’s no surprise that he fell under intense temptation afterwards, what is surprising is how shallow his traditional sort-of-Catholicism turned out to be. It’s all very sad.

Gibson is a prime example of why it’s often helpful, though not always wise, to divorce the art from the artist. He clearly went cuckoo for cocoa puffs. It’s a shame, but that seems to be the trend among actors and film makers. It’s hard for me to get too angry about him; after all he gave us the road warrior.

Hopefully Mel will eventually repent. On that day Heaven will sing. We are all sinners, the murderers, the thieves and the celebrities on the wrong path.

Some sins lead us to righteousness through guilt and then repentance, who’s to say God doesn’t have this plan for Mel? Self righteousness is a sin too. Judge not lest ye be judged.:smiley:

Pray for Mel.

We should never put our faith in man. When we base our faith on the actions of others we tend to lose faith quickly when this person does not live up to the ideal of what we believe he or she should be. This includes people who left the Church because of some Priest or other person connected with the Church who did something wrong. You don’t give up your Faith because of some flawed human being.

There was but one perfect Man on this earth and He is the only one we should model our lives after.:thumbsup:

Like all of us, he needs prayer and repentance, not to be written off. The Passion of the Christ was a great film. He took alot of flack for making that film. And that is to his credit. I don’t think God is giving up on him.

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