Mel Gibson: Orthodox Catholic or not?

I thought that Mel Gibson was a part of some ultra-traditionalist breakaway sect, yes was surging the web and found that, “Father William Fulco has said that Gibson denies neither the Pope nor Vatican II” from wikipedia (granted its wikipedia but is has a source from a interview)

Does anyone happen to know? Thanks a bunch
(Im not one to really care about celebrities but I told someone once he was breakaway and want to make sure I didnt give bad info)

Hi Redbaron,
I wish I could answer your question. I do not know if he is part of a breakaway sect but I know that his father is a very strict Catholic.
Anyway, a man who had the vision to make such a great movie as ‘The Passion of the Christ’ is fine in my book.
God Bless,

I don’t know precisely how old This Article is, but it may shed some light.


Colmcille, his father most definitely does deny the authority of Vatican II and refers to the Church after Vatican II as ‘the robber Church.’ I don’t simply say this to create scandal or gossip as you can check the man’s outlook by browsing his own site which includes free downloads of some of his books. This is an actual set of quotes from Hutton Gibson’s website below from November 3:-

Mr. Foxman, a Holocaust survivor (apparently an orphan raised by Catholics who had the gall to baptize him) who has had numerous previous audiences with Pope Benedict and his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, made brief ?] remarks about the growing threats Israel faces as some in the international community seek to isolate the Jewish state.

He asked the pontiff to use [what remains of] the Church’s moral authority to help prevent Israel from being made a pariah by its enemies. “Please do not permit the world to isolate Israel,” Mr. Foxman said, to which Pope Benedict replied, “I will be there.” [Two against the world!]

Followed by this near the end of the article:-

[Undeniably the steward needs help. He has gone into high gear in every direction, to cover obvious involvement in pedophilia. But consider that this particular activity appears to have obliterated the steward’s involvement (to whatever extent) in organized Hitler youth.]

Not exactly very faithful Catholic viewpoints I would say. Especially hilarious is Hutton ciritiquing Pope Benedict for been involved in the Hitler Youth (via conscription) whilst the anti-semitic tone could not be any more blatant in Hutton’s own remarks.

Hi Jharek,
Thank you for your post. I did not know that about his dad. The old “Hitler Youth” jibe is very jaded. I did not think people (even extremists like himself) were using that chestnut any more.
Thanks again for this info. Much appreciated.
God Bless,

Not so many people are aware of Hutton Gibson and this stuff. But once you are it tends to make you see Mel in a different light also.

May God soften their hearts and lead them, and all sedevacanists, back home to The Church.


Hi Jharek,
Yes, to an extent. Although, in terms of art and culture, I suppose we are then entering into the art/life debate.
I can still vividly recall the first time I saw TPOTC and the effect it had on me.
God Bless,

I used to really look up to Mel Gibson for making Passion of the Christ…

But then when he divorced his wife, shacked up with that russian model, and had a kid with her without even getting a secular marriage, then started abusing her…well…I just feel betrayed slightly. :frowning:

I still pray for him though.

He does need prayers.

I don’t think anyone really knows but him, and he might be conflicted about it. I don’t think he has ever said.

His father is clearly a sedevacantist and a rejecter of VII. Gibson is, by all accounts, very respectful of his father. Gibson would not be the first man to humor a dotty parent. So his father’s religious convictions don’t tell us anything about Mel’s.

And Gibson’s sins of the flesh are out there for everybody to see. But I don’t know that he denies the sinful nature of some of his acts, unlike a lot of Catholic politicians who deny it for theirs.

I don’t know either, but I wish he’d say something about it, you know? I don’t know. I just keep praying for him any time I see one of his movies.

To be honest as I said on other threads I’m in a minority here as I can see what some people mean when they say The Passion of the Christ has anti-semitic overtones.

I think he’s an actor and movie producer who is also a flawed and sinful human being in need of a savior. Not unlike the rest of us.

And I think it is a peculiarity of our culture to pay so much attention to mere actors. Teachers and nurses ought to be celebrities that people adore. Actors? Not so much.

It could be said, too, to have anti-Italian overtones, homophobic overtones, anti-interventionist, even anti-western overtones, and certainly, anybody who is sensitive to something that has been declared an “ism” or a “phobia”, can find ways to be offended by that movie or just about anything.

But as a non-Jew, non-homosexual, non-interventionist, the movie in no way incited in me any animus toward Jews, homosexuals or “neocons”. That’s really the question. It’s not whether some group or other was sensitive to something in it, but whether its thrust and purpose was to incite animus toward that group.

I really don’t see how the movie could have been true to the New Testament and been much different. I do realize some revisionists now say “oh, Jews had nothing to do with it. It was all the imperialistic Romans who saw Jesus as a threat to their rule.” But that’s not true to the scriptures. Where people go wrong is not in being true to scriptural accounts, but in condemning Jews of today for what a certain group of Jews (and Romans) did 2,000 years ago.

Yeah but Mel and his dad have a proven track record of anti-semitic outburts so forgive me If I exercise some cynicism as to the latter’s motives when Jews appear on-screen in one of his productions. I view Mel’s movies as frankly tiresome bits of xenophobia half the time, combined with bizarre distortions of history. I think it says something that I who am a Sinn Fein party member in real life find his portrayals of the English ridiculously one dimensional.Especially in nonsense like ‘The Patriot’.

But as to whether he is an orthodox Catholic or not I do agree to an extent that he is conflicted and certainly the unhealthy influence of his father who loses no possible opportunity to sneer at the Church can’t help matters.

Well, you are a Sinn Fein member today, not a Catholic of 200 years ago in Ireland or an American in 1776. My Irish forbears did not speak so well of the English as you presently think of them. They would have thought the characterizations of all but one English character in “The Patriot” too easy on them. Have Irishmen so soon forgotten that Lord Cornwallis, treated pretty gently in the movie, was the military commander who suppressed the Irish rebellion of 1798?

No, and Lord Cornwallis is representative of himself not all Englishmen. I am not about to start generalising all the English as ‘the auld enemy’. It’s a pointless and worthless tactic. None of the prominent leaders of republicanism have ever advocated it, with the possible exception of John Mitchell and he became ultimately consumed by his own hate to a large degree.

You are I assume aware that perhaps the most prominent Irish patriot of the 20th century had an English father?

Anyway after the slight diversion into the wild and wacky world of various views on Irish republican politics.

I think looking at his various views he has expressed over the years it’s hard to know exactly where Mel stands. I get the feeling he is not sure himself at times. Certainly none of us could say we were objectively any better than him and as was pointed out ultimately his celebrity should not blind us to the fact he is no less or more important as a human being than any poster here.

A person cannot even begin thinking about being a follower of Our Lord while holding onto antisemitism. Christianity and antisemitism, IMHO, are exact opposites.

The remainder of his noted activities have lessened my opinion of Gibson. At one time when he seemed to be a true holder of family values, I admired that.

As one earlier post noted, we should not put too much into actors. There are human beings who merely play roles. My admiration is for the firefighter or the police officer who will risk life and limb so save my family while earning a salary that requires working off-duty jobs.

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