Mel Gibson to Make Sequel to Passion of the Christ (Will Be on the Resurrection)


Mel Gibson is planning a movie following up the story told in his blockbuster success “The Passion of the Christ,” that will be on the resurrection of Christ. Many have considered “The Passion of the Christ” one of the greatest–or the greatest–of Christian movies of all time.


if it is only 1/2 as good as “the passion” it will be awesome

and we won’t have to deal w/ the critics “its too violent”


I hope so. My biggest concern is that people will avoid the production or finished project for fear of Gibson’s troubled personal life. It would be nice to have a follow-up, though.


That would be a shallow way of thinking, don’t you think?


The Passion of the Christ was/is such a powerful film, that I believe that the millions who saw that movie, will also want to see the follow-up done by Gibson. A great many people in history had troubled personal lives, yet still made amazing contributions to the faith and to the world. If Gibson pours himself into this, as he did with the Passion, I think it will be huge. I hope he brings back Jim Caveziel to play the resurrected Jesus…that would make for stunning film continuity.


No, I actually don’t think it would be shallow, but I do think it would be a double standard in the world of Hollywood. Personally, most of his movies are a little violent for me, but I like a lot of them. I even saw Apocalypto in theater. Pretty intense.


Indeed it would.


I would hope for very impressive special effects on the actual resurrection portion of the film. I have always wondered about the moments around life re-entering Christ’s body…what physically happened? We don’t know, but its fun to speculate.


He could even use the scene at the end of the Passion, or build on it.

I’d want more Aramaic & Latin, too, but that’s a huge undertaking, especially recreating the Aramaic.


I know that Mel Gibson was caught drunk and made a racist remark at that time, however, I also believe because of a very close relationship with two bi-polar people that he appears to be bi-polar.

They do self medicate through alcohol or drugs and they at times show anger which is actually a deep depression due to a chemical imbalance in their brain.

Many of our greatest composers and artists were bi-polar, at least it seems to be and the one I knew so well was very intelligent and creative, until her disease became too severe. Mel showed many of the symptoms and I watched him on EWTN and he also showed them. That was before the Passion of the Christ came out and at that time I said I think he is bi-polar and still think so.

Please remember that this is a disease and a terrible one for those who suffer and there is no real empathy or understanding from the general public of it.

God Bless







Bi-polar disorder is terrible. I know someone who committed suicide who was clinically bi-polar. It’s such a difficult thing to live with.


Sequel? I saw that movie. I thought the main character died in the end.


I agree. :thumbsup:


You really need to see the sequel.


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