Mel Gibson Tries A Comeback After 7 1/2 Years

“As a Jew, I have to say Mel Gibson’s my favorite anti-Semite,” says veteran film reporter Lewis Beale. “He’s an incredibly talented guy both behind and in front of the camera.”

Interesting quote to choose as the lead in to the article, Ahimsa. :wink:

I find it interesting that, in an article written specifically to highlight the pariah-like treatment of Mel Gibson, they do not even mention in passing about his extra-marital affair. It just goes to show you that sexual scandal doesn’t even register in the minds of many nowadays.

Mel Gibson is certainly talented. He’s directed and starred in some phenomenal films (Passion, Braveheart, Patriot, Signs), but then he’s been in some real clunkers as well (Million Dollar Hotel).

I’m not really interested in this current film, but the forthcoming one about Vikings sounds very interesting. I’m sure it will have all the historical accuracy of Braveheart (which is to say “not much”), but I’m sure it will be one heck of a movie.

Thanks. :smiley: I think it shows that Gibson won’t be as “pariah-ed” in Hollywood as he might have been, were he a less talented character.

I’m not really interested in this current film, but the forthcoming one about Vikings sounds very interesting. I’m sure it will have all the historical accuracy of Braveheart (which is to say “not much”), but I’m sure it will be one heck of a movie.

He’s gonna put the “V” back into “Viking”. Don’t know what that means, but it sounds interesting.

Before we slam Mel too much, think about how difficult it would be to have tons of women throwing themselves at you all the time. This is not to excuse sin but don’t you think that Satan is going to work overtime to discredit someone who is a Catholic in public? Then you have the fact that his marriage is a marriage between himself and an Episcopalian which makes it difficult in the first place. Let’s take the fact that he’s away from his family a lot while on shoots doing movies. People think that it only takes as long to shoot the movie as it does to watch it - wrong. It may take years just to formulate the movie, select actors, find sites, etc., etc. While at this particular time in Mel’s life (after the Passion, etc.) it is most disappointing to see sin (another affair, baby out of wedlock, divorce, etc.) I can guarantee you that failure before the public is more devastating and horribly embarrassing to him than we would ever realize. The guy can probably count his real friends on one hand and not use all his fingers. I feel sorry for Catholic celebrities actually.

Sarah Silverman, Penn&Teller, Larry David and Bill Maher routinely slander, denegrate and defame the Roman Catholic Church, its clergy and membership, yet each and every week they get their airtime, as if encouraged to spew out more hatred and bigotry. With that in mind, my wife and I will be dropping off the children at Grandma’s and spending a dinner and a movie night with Mel this weekend. Can’t wait.

i saw it friday, it was great, but i love mel, i hope he can overcome his demons.

“there comes a time senator, when you have to decide if your hanging on the Cross or banging in the nails!”

yeah, thats a great movie., right up there with, do you feel lucky punk? well, do ya? :slight_smile:

Mel is a human being like the rest of us. He was not saint before he made the Passion movie. His made many movies with nudity and a lot of violence. What Women Want had some really objectionable parts to it too and that came out within a year of the Passion. I agree he was in the cross-hairs after making that movie. He had weaknesses and they were attacked and exploited. I hope he is able to keep his faith and improve in his Christianity (along with everyone else).

I do understand your point, but be careful. Mel Gibson is not a Catholic. He claims to be, but he rejects Vatican II, among other odd ideas and behaviors. He actually has his own chapel in California, I believe.

Pax et caritas,

Absolutely. My intent was not to slam Mel. I simply find it odd what the media chooses to find scandalous. They don’t care that he was drunk driving or that he cheated on his wife. They only care about some anti-Semitic slurs he said while intoxicated. For me, as reprehensible as the words attributed to him are, I would think it would be easier to overlook things he said while intoxicated than actions he took while in his right mind. :shrug:

I’m not trying to judge his soul or anything. I can only imagine how poorly I would handle his incredible fame or his millions of dollars. But he has certainly made his share of poor decisions. Unfortunatley for him, his mistakes and sins garner national (perhaps even international) attention. I thank God my foibles are not so publicly scrutinized.

It’s terrible that he did what he did. I mean Passion is just awesome, and then he messes it all up.

Mel is just another sinner like all of us.

That is exactly why we cannot ever put any man, or woman, up on a pedestal except for the God-man, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!

Pray for all of us sinners!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Exactly. I’m disappointed that Mel has done some of the things he’s done, mostly because it provides canon-fodder for those who would like to portray all Christians as hypocrites. But, given the temptations the rich and famous have to endure, I’m not that surprised, and it doesn’t shake my faith.

I would say that’s it’s probably okay to put the Saints up on a pedestal (not to be worshipped, of course, but to be honored and emulated ;)).

What if they lose to the Colts?

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