Mel Gibson

Just curious, but can anyone tell me what might be the Church’s stance towards Mr. Gibson once his divorce is final? Will he still be able to recieve the Sacraments? I know he’s a strict RC, and I was just wondering how he might be treated now. I hope not too harshly.

I don’t see how Mel Gibson can be considered a strict RC. The man has been keeping a girlfriend! Has the Church gone that far astray? The man has been living an immoral life while professing to be such a good Catholic. What a hypocrite! I’d be interested in seeing if his marriage is annuled and if he then is permitted to marry his girlfriend in the church.

When I say strict I meant that he has held to Sedevancantist views. I am not defending his actions even though he and his wife haven’t been together for three years. Would it be a good idea for them to annul it? I just want to see the Church get attacked if they did.

Who knows? We are not Mr.Gibson nor do we know what’s in his heart and what he does in his daily life.

Talking about another person’s private affair is gibberish gossip and is not Christ-like. We would fall into the category of ‘just anybody’ if we thought that we can scandalize a person because he is a celebrity. Celebrities are human too.

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned he would be treated like anybody else. Strictly speaking divorce is not allowed and if he does he will not be able to receive the Holy Eucharist. Annulment is decided on a case by case basis and we would not know unless we are presented with the full fact of the case. It may take a long time for this kind of thing to complete its process.

If he mess his life he would have my compassion. He seems to be quite a nice person; not many can have that kind of life in Hollywood and still intact in their faith. But obviously the way of the silver screen is much too powerful to overcome for a man of the Lord. Thus the maxim – don’t take to a profession where it will cause you to fall. He should have quit while he was ahead and stick to raise up those beautiful children.

A Church tribunal would have to determine whether there are grounds for an annulment in this case. It would have to prove that there was some invalidity in the marriage, though I’m far from an expert and can’t say for certain what reasons would be acceptable under canon law.

Annulments aren’t Catholic divorces. They’re decrees that the sacrament of matrimony was never conducted in the first place.

I agree. I can only assume there are issues and circumstances that are not readily apparent to the public regarding this entire situation. It would appear there must be. Therefore even though, at face value, this appears to be contradictory to what we have come to belive about Mr. Gibson, I’ll refrain judgement of any kind. Can’t help but feel disappointed though.

Why is this anyone’s business? Do you ask the standing of the guy down the block with the Church when he gets a divorce?

I will never understand why people think it is ever appropriate to discuss the private inner workings of someone’s marriage on a public forum.



Wouldn’t he be able to receive the Eucharist unless he remarries before a decree of nullity is granted?

Didn’t he also form a renegade Catholic parish? I think he was the one who was a “tradintionalist” and disagrees with Vatican II.

I have a problem calling anyone who denies the magesterium a tradtionalist. There’s nothing traditional about that denial.

He’s not supposed to if he’s having sex with his girlfriend. He would have to go to Confession to make a “good confession”, meaning that he would have to be truly sorry and have no intention of commiting that sin again.

Look. I never got into the “workings” of his private life. I was asking what the Church’s response might be. That does not constitute gossip. It is a question about Church policy. If you can’t understand that and decide to assume I am gossiping that’s on you. I have always respected Mr. Gibson, and I am genuinely sorry he and his family are going through this. I was using his situation as an example to figure out what Church policy would be. That was clear in my original post. If you want to assume I was judging him then you obviously can’t read.

That was going to be my next question. Thanks for asking it, and thank you, Kalt, for answering it.

I remember the same line about Clinton and his oval office affair.

It’s a sad day when the president’s immoral sexual behavior is considered a “private matter”, and not an indicator of his character that should be considered by every citizen.

Gibson. He has made himself a public person, pasing judegement on the CC, openly denying Vatican II, and founding his own Catholic church in CA (if I have the right guy). So, I think he’s opened himself up to criticism on his behavior as it regards the Sacraments in the CC.

Being a smug, arrogant, wise a will always come back to bite you in the butt.

This is exactly why no one should follow a person. If Gibson is an immoral person (seeing woman while he’s still married), he is surely not more fit to form and support a Church than the founder of the CC, JC, is.

Of course you can forget everything I’ve just said about that if MG isn’t the guy who started his own “Catholic” church.

Catholics are most certainly allowed to receive Holy Communion after a divorce (as long as one is in a state of grace). One may not if they are in a relationship with someone else or if they remarry. A divorce is a secular activity with no bearing on the Church.

After a legal divorce, in the eyes of the Church and God that couple is still married. Obviously one of the married persons cannot morally go out and date someone else much less get married. That is when Holy Communion is not allowed. It isn’t the divorce!

If an annulment is granted it simply states that there wasn’t a valid marriage in the beginning.

You have to admit he got mentioned here because he is Mel Gibson.

You can always ask those questions but is there a necessity to use explicit live example?

Look, I’ve been in this line long enough; we never use live examples for our teachings or for emphasis. True live incidents are always camouflaged and identities never mentioned. Discretion is the order of the day and if ever what we do and say becomes a disadvantage to someone else, what good is it? And what good is it for us?

To clear up one thing, I am a divorced Catholic. I have asked MANY PRIESTS if I can still receive Communion, including a well known priest from EWTN. As long as you remain celebate (spelling), you can continue to receive the Eucharist and participate in ALL the sacraments.

Its terrible that in a Catholic forum so many of you are criticizing not only Mel Gibson but the Church as well. As Catholics we have far more things to be concerned about. A member of my family knows this man and he’s a good man. He’s not infallible and he’s made mistakes. MANY CATHOLICS in this country profess to be Catholic and then defy the church in many many ways ~ support abortion, support politicians who support abortion, commit adultery.

In this Easter season, PRAY FOR GOD’S MERCY!! Not just for others but for yourselves as well. All of us are imperfect and will need it. As Jesus said,

You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:5

You are correct about the Eucharist and being divorced. I was in the same boat, and I spoke to some of the same priests (EWTN). I already knew it, but they volunteered the info when I spoke to them about being divorced in general.

The Catholic Church is not a Museum of Saints, but a Hospital of Sinners. Only God knows where Mel Gibson’s soul is.

No one is asking about his soul. I brought it up to learn about Church policy.

I wish more people had your point of view!:thumbsup: I knew people that were friends of Mel and the trouble in his marriage started back when he was having problems with alcohol. Mel started a Catholic Parish partly because of differences with his father and he wanted an more Orthodox Parish, from what I understand. Solomon disobeyed God and had 700 wives and 300 cocubines, yet he was still a child of God. I try not judging another man unless I have walked a mile in his shoes. Mel is a man and man will always fall, that is why God sent his Only Son to pay the price for our sins.God Bless Mel Gibbson, let the Peace of the Holy Spirit decend upon him, and guide him! We should all pray for him.

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