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I have no idea whether this message will ever get to Mr. Gibson, or whether someone who knows it will read it and send it along to him, but I have the perfect movie for him to make – the Battle of Lepanto.

Read G.K. Chesterson’s poem, and show the movie from the viewpoint of Don Quixote.

It’s the perfect type of battle story for Mr. Gibson to produce.

I almost never write on the forums, but I read them everyday, and this was worth responding to on a personal note. I couldn’t believe this post when I saw it because I had the same feeling after reading about the battle in a fairly recent This Rock issue. It was so well done, that I thought to myself, “Mel Gibson has GOT to make this into a movie, for only he could do it justice!” It would be an incredibly sensitive topic in today’s world, and perhaps even dangerous for him and his family were he to make it, but I think it is a needed message for Europe and the world today.

I tried to find a way to contact him, but to no avail. I guess this forum is as good a shot as any! Great thinking!

Lepanto would be great.

Also, the Battle of Muret, where heavily out-numbered Catholics defeated and broke the back of the Albegensians.

The Relief of Vienna, Holy League against the ottoman turks

King Jan Sobieski_III forming down the centre and charging down upon the turks with his 10000 heavily armed winged hussars would be an awesome scene to see. :thumbsup:

Not to forget the other 70000 brave men figting along side the Poles from austria and germany and other parts of europe.:wink:

I always thought St. Paul’s story would make a great movie. Between Acts and his Epistles, there is more than enough material to make an accurate portrayal.

After Christ, he probably had the most important mission in human history.

Siege of Malta 1565

The Knights of St. John vs. the Ottoman Turks.

Leptano would have been substantially different without the Maltese\St. John’s ships, and with Malta being a Turkish base.

I think just because of the fact that Lepanto is more well-known, it would be the more ideal for a movie. I do, however, really like the ideas both of the battle of Malta and Seige of Vienna. The Knights of St. John were able to hold the Turks back for several months until Charles V sent a fleet to help them.

On the official site for “The Passion” there use to be a place that had a poll type thing where you choose which movies you wanted Mel Gibson to do. The life of St. Francis was one and there was like five or six others. Then it had a place for “other” and you wrote which one you wanted. I don’t know if it still there of if Mel Gibson even took a glance at it. But, it was there. Maybe you could look around the site and see. I saw it there a long while back though.

i did check the website.
but i couldn’t find the “OTHER”.
Life of Christ Before Passion: 21% is on pole position.

talking about Battle of Lepanto, SFH is 110% correct. Mel Gibson is the right man to produce and direct this historical film.
if i am Mel Gibson no doubt i will consider making this battle movie. by the way this is a true story.

based on true story
a film by

Here you go:

Several addresses where you might be able to contact Mr. Gibson.

Do some googling around and you will eventually find out who represents Mr. Gibson. Or you might run into a fan site or user group that has a personal line to Mr. Gibson.

Good luck!

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