Mel Gibson

What does he beleive? Is he a Roman Catholic?:hmmm:

I heard he is a Sede Catholic, not Roman. I don’t know anything about it, but I hear Mel is a just little bit off in some ways.

I think that Mel is a member of a Sect started by his Father, Hutton.

They reject Vatican II and the Pope’s authority, and are very anti-Semetic. I think that they only have one actual church location, bankrolled entirely by Mel.

He is Traditional Catholic and a pre-Vatican II believer.
He has a church up in Los Angeles, but I don’t know his traditionalist group.
They are independent Catholics.

Laudater Jesus Christo
Instaurare omnia in Christo

Are independant Catholics legit?

Depends on what you mean by ‘independent’. If you mean ‘Not answering to the Pope’, then they would not be legit; they would be in schism.

No, the term “independent Catholic” is an oxymoron.

It is a “nice” way to say schismatic.

How about Greek Orthadox. Is it legit?:confused:

As a Catholic Church? No. As an Orthodox Church? Yes. :slight_smile:

So does that mean they have no Apostolic Succsesion?:confused:

Oh brother! We are talking about whether a “Catholic Church” such as Mel Gibson’s which doesn’t recognize the Pope, is truly a Catholic Church. We are not talking about the Orthodox.

There is an Eastern Christianity Forum on CAF. You should check it out. There is a lot of great dialogue about the Eastern Rite Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Dude! I was just making a sidenote. No need to get angry.

Sorry. I just read all of your posts. Welcome to the CAF…Apparently, I thought you were hijacking your own thread. :o :smiley:

Yes, as Catholics we believe that the Orthodox have apostolic succession. However, in the case of someone like Mel Gibson, he has rejected the apostolic succession of the Catholic Church and created his own Ecclesial Community (this is the official term for a non-Catholic, non-apostolic church - please see the Pope’s recent letter which caused all the controversy.) If someone were to reject the heirarchy of the Orhodox Church and form their own pseudo-Orthodox Church, they would be in a similar state.

I hope that helps. (BTW…my kids were homeschooled using Seton’s program - Kolbe is an excellent program, so I am sure you are well-chatechized. :slight_smile: )

Ya thanks that did help:)

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