Melania reveals she will be the first Catholic to live in the White House since the Kennedys following Papal meeting

Melania reveals she will be the first Catholic to live in the White House since the Kennedys following Papal meeting

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**When Melania Trump recited The Lord’s Prayer before a Melbourne, Florida presidential rally in February, the Internet went hog wild.

Now we know one reason why the first lady began with ‘Let us pray’ and ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ when she introduced the president that evening: She’s a practicing Roman Catholic.

Her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed that to on Wednesday, hours after Pope Francis blessed a rosary for her at the Vatican.

The last Catholics to live in the White House were John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie. Melania and her son Barron will move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the summer.
Mrs. Trump did more than just show up for a Papal audience.

She spent time in prayer at the Vatican-affiliated Bambin Gesù (Baby Jesus) Hospital, and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of the Madonna…

It’s unclear when Mrs. Trump became a Catholic. The president is a life-long Presbyterian, and they were married in a Florida Episcopal church.

Growing up as the daughter of a Communist Party member in rural Slovenia, her family maintained the outward appearances of being atheists, according to people in her childhood village of Sevnica who spoke to in late 2015.

Accordingly, Melania and her sister were not baptized and did not make their First Holy Communion with other children their age.

It’s still not clear when Mrs. Trump was baptized into the Catholic faith. Grisham did not immediately respond to a question about that detail.

But the Trumps have been in a reflective religious mood since arriving in Saudi Arabia last Saturday. That frame of mind persisted throughout their time in Israel.

Is this for real?!

She also revealed her First Lady “cause” would be online bullying, which still hasn’t happened yet, so if anything, she would be the first Catholic First Lady to NOT live in the WH. Not something to be proud of…

Considering she’s still MIA from the WH, I’d say no.

When I saw her pray in front of the statue of the blessed Virgin I was so happy. I’m glad to hear this news!

Permit me to quote myself

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Great news indeed! !!

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That is a bit ingenuous. She is letting her 10 year old son finish out the school year at his school. They will be moving to the White House this summer.

I get you don’t like Trump but at least be honest. The woman is not MIA, she is being a good mother.

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Talk about nit picking and carping!:rolleyes:

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Doesn’t matter. She’ll be hated and criticized by the left no matter what.

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Has anyone even fact-checked when and where she was baptized? Anyone can claim he or she is Catholic: most, if not all, converts have some record of the baptism. Or will when & where be a huge secret like where she went to college? It’s not “nit-picking” to ask for facts - if it can’t be substantiated that she was ever baptized, then it’s fake news. Period.

Actually My comment was directed to you statement about her beingbMIA as far as residing in the White House and not following through with her ant bullying agenda.Really,you are beginning to sound like a broken record.

It says here the Trumps received communion on Christmas Eve in the Episcopal church on Palm Beach shortly after midnight at 12:15 am. The same church they attended on Easter. And son Barron will be attending an Episcopal school.

On another note,the whirling dervish of fake news surrounding this President,for better or worse,is beyond absurd.Jumping on every news story that emerges,just adds to the confusion.

It’s a broken record to ask for fact-checking?


Once again,I was responding to your complaint that the First Lady has yet to move into the White House and follow through with her anti bullying campaign.
I addressed the fake news in a following post

Slovenia (in 2002) reported about 58% Roman Catholic; 27% unknown; 10 % atheist. and a few, Muslims, Protestants, Orthodox. There is a good chance that she was baptized in Slovenia. After her marriage to Trump, is she excommunicate?

In the first post it said she is practicing Catholic. But if the Trumps received communion in the Episcopal church on Christmas Eve as the link I posted said, and/or on Easter, maybe she is poorly catechized and uninformed that a practicing Catholic should not receive in an Episcopal church. If I were a faithful Catholic, I also might be just a little curious why Barron is attending an Episcopal school if his mom is a practicing Catholic. I realize he was baptized in the same Palm Beach Episcopal church where his parents were married though.

Why can’t the First Lady’s spokeswoman verify when and where she was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church? How is there not a record of her baptism? Considering that so much of what her husband said has been disproven or/and discredited, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some basic fact-checking on this story. The very same thing people expect of the NYT and the Washington Post, basic Journalism 101, applies here: otherwise, it’s fake news.

I am asking about RC law on marriage to someone who is divorced. Does that carry automatic excommunication?

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