Melania Trump: I don't approve of Donald's language


I’m liking her better and better.

“Melania Trump told CNN she disagrees with her husband Donald’s use of vulgar language on the campaign trail”

“I don’t try to change him. He’s an adult. He knows the consequences, and so I let him be who he is,” Trump said in a preview of the interview with Anderson Cooper set to air Monday night. “I give him my opinions, many, many times.”


I don’t either.


I’m sure Trump’s language may offend pious and non pious ears but the deeds of a “President Hillary Clinton” would break their hearts.

Just sayin’



I don’t like Trump’s language, either. It’s beneath the dignity of the highest office in the United States.

I do like Melania, but I wish she’d update her hair style. Still, she’s very pretty, quiet, and seems nice. Actually, she seems too nice for a man like Trump.


I have said this before, but I will say it again.

Reminds me of a story of when Harry Truman was president. He was known for his rough style and rough language. One of the things he often said was “manure”. Something he opposed, he would call a “bunch of manure”.

His wife, Bess, was asked about that by a newsman, who asked if she found that offensive. “Oh heavens no” she said “It took me 25 years to get him to say ‘manure’”.


hahaha. Thanks for sharing that.


More like Donald needs to update his hairstyle!:eek:


He sure does. LOL

Actually, hers look quite nice.


The prospective first lady told Greta Van Susteren that her husband doesn’t sleep much because he’s so excited about his campaign.

“He knows what he can do for America,” the former model said. “He knows what America can be. And he’s an amazing negotiator, leader, communicator. He’s the only one who could bring America to the next level.”

“He sees what potential America has and he wants to help. He wants to take his mind and put it for American people.”

“He will tell you what’s in his heart, and he will tell you what he thinks,” she said. “He doesn’t hold back and he’s real. He’s a real person.”

She said that she never gets nervous for her husband during the Republican debates.

“I know him. I know he will be tough and smart and he’s quick on his feet, in his mind he’s very quick. I just think, ‘Do well. Be who you are.’”

She said that if she could think of one word to describe him, it would be “leader.”


Another sign Trump is in general election mode. He’s dispatching Melania with a regular frequency now.

Is she an effective help for him? You be the judge.


How are they going to explain her naked pictures that are circulating the internet?


Ehhh, she was a model?! There is not much to explain. People either are offended by that or they don’t worry about it.


I don’t know. I can’t think of any candidate where the spouse was seen as a negative for the candidate. The people are deciding on whom will lead this country, not on whom will be standing by their man.

Quite honestly, the only spouse that could have any effect (positive or negative) is Bill Clinton’s impact on Hillary’s chances…and that’s only because he formerly held the office of President.

Why would they need to? It’s a non-story…or at least it should be a non-story…you never know in today’s media-obsessed society.


Melania is quite refreshing to listen to. I think she can bring out a side of Trump that people don’t believe is there. Their mutual admiration and how Melania talks about Donald are quite special.

Here is a video link for her interview with Greta.


That’s a great story.


I heard him say once that he probably wouldn’t have time to maintain his current one if he were President.


The question is,do they love America and don’t apologize for it. That is first need for international policies. Do they know and remember we have a large national debt. That is first domestic policy. Melania is beautiful and is smart and has a heart. Charities are Kids Wish, Red Cross and more I can’t recall. She is raising Baron as first priority. I heard they go to CHURCH.
Did Trump change his viewpoints for becoming a Republican or God changing his heart gently because of Melania and church?
Did we ever think WHY HE DIDN’T RUN AS A DEMOCRAT WITH HIS DEMOCRATIC THINKING AND FRIENDSHIPS. That is curious. I just had that thought. They only had 3 runners.
He has 43% woman working at high levels. Why did he refer to Carly Forina face?
He is not Jesus. He is arrogant. What will he do, if he wins and the PARTY still doesn’t back him in Congress when he tries to get something and they vote no.
How spiteful can we get? Mexico will pay for the wall w tariffs put on their products. Tit for tat, they’ll do the same. We hardly have anything made in America. They’ll increase tariffs on pizza for delivery.
I feel all our candidates would make a great cabinet.
IT’S true what can he do with the Iranian deal? Can he milk Iran and get them to not finance terrorists.Codjucels to the contract? Can we freeze their bank accounts? We can put on limitations again. Each President inherits problems from the previous occupant. God bless whoever gets in there.
My son in law was killed in Iraq for your write to vote. He knew people were against the war. He said, HE WAS FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.
So, open that door and vote. If we are angry after 8 yrs of a despot who divided this country, want to put Trump in, let us. It is only 4 years. War, is inevitable since Obama pulled us out too early. BUT, IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN WANTED TO HAVE THE POWER TO ARREST AND CHARGE OUR SOLDIERS, IF WE STAYED. If Obama couldn’t change their minds we had to leave and they deserve what they got. Except the preople.
This Caliphate was a prophecy. It has a pledge of world dominance for Islam.
If Trump wins the primaries, pray to God for him and vote Republicans. If we have It all. He might get things done. Did any Catholics feel guilty for putting Obama in? I recall 2 things in one of
OB’S INTERVIEWS, he said, " I don’t have a pay grade to figure out when life begins"=prochoice THEN HE SAID, I WILL TALK TO TERRORISTS = I AM AGAINST ISRAEL. YET, he hypnotized people w his voice. Trump has a Web site that gives details.
GOD HELP US FROM OURSELVES. LISTENING TO NEWS, NO ONE READS THE SITE. HE JUST SAYS WHAT HE (TRUMP) IS GOING TO DO–BUT NOT TELLING US HOW. I have heard him say how he plans to pay off the budget by stopping payments to sanctuary citys. Tariffs on imported goods especially those that were made in America. That will bring companies back and keep companies from leaving.THE COMPANIES THAT IN CHINA SHOULD HAVE LEFT AFTER THE PET FOOD KILLED A FEW PETS AND HAD IRON ON THE PAINT ON KID’S TOYS. More jobs is more money in taxable revenue. He plans on not taxing people under a certain income. Cut off payments to people who hate us.
The team he will put together will temper his faults. He knows he has flaws. I just heard him joking on the phone w red eye. He does need to breath deep, then, speak.

Just vote!!
in Christ’s love,
Tweedlealice :signofcross::gopray2::getholy::juggle::


That’s funny.


According to Melania’s interview with Greta, she is the disciplinarian for her son Barron. She and Donald NEVER fight. They disagree sometimes, but leave each other be and never fight. interesting.


And the semi-nude ones on her website.

She has her own beauty product line, made with caviar.

And she designs jewelry. I cannot tell if they are costume or actual precious metals and stones.

Betty Ford was also a model, by the way.

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