Melania Trump: I followed the law as immigrant


“I never thought to stay here without papers.”

“We have thick skin, and we know that people will judge him and people will call names. They don’t give him enough credit.”

“I see him in life, he treats women the same as men. He will tell you what is in his heart, what he thinks. He will not hold it back if you’re a woman, you’re human. If you’re a woman or a man, it’s no different, you’re human.”

“do I agree all the time with him? No, I don’t. And I tell him that. I tell him my opinions. I tell him what I think,” she said, adding that “sometimes he listens,” and sometimes he does not.

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Melania’s interview with Morning Joe:

Melania speaks English, French, German, Italian. She studied design and architecture.

“We are our own persons. I don’t want to change him. He doesn’t want to change me. I think that’s very important.”


Maybe the prospect of Melania as First Lady will alleviate the anxiety some might have with seeing Trump as president.



I think she brings forth a different side of Trump that the Press currently doesn’t portray. Trumps family will be an asset to him in the General.


Melania is intelligent and well-spoken (why wouldn’t she be?) and yet…

I can’t help but think there’s a “let them eat cake” element to this; as if she can’t understand why every immigrant doesn’t just follow the rules like she did; as if the only difference between her immigration story (already-successful model marries billionaire real estate mogul) and that of the peasant from Honduras who somehow makes their way into the US and just prays there’s some little job somewhere that would allow him to send a few bucks back to his destitute family back home is that “she followed the rules”.


She seems a very smart lady, poised and graceful.


Agreed. It’s kind of an apples-to-oranges comparison that she makes. Most people don’t have the privilege that she has.



And Melania might have a degree, but she was in New York working as a model. Her modeling agency probably sponsored her Visa. Which is fine.

It isn’t necessarily the same thing as a poor Mexican who isn’t even allowed on the line to immigrate.


The thing is, congress has been talking about this issue for so long. If they truly have compassion for these poor mexicans, wouldn’t something have been put in place to accommodate them? Another poster seems to have mentioned that there are already channels for guest workers to come. If we have a system to let some people come in, shouldn’t the laws be enforced? We surely can’t take care of all the poor people in the world. What’s so wrong with saying, let’s all obey the law and if we need to have a better system, let’s work on getting there.

It seems like politicians only stress the one side of showing compassion (which I don’t even believe is their true intention; they only want undocumented democrats) but completely ignore the law-abiding aspects.


Outside of special refugee immigrants, Canada only allows people that can contribute to their society/economy. You get points based on your skills and education etc. Why is that such a bad thing?

You are adding people to your family, do you want your daughter to marry the first guy that asks her, or to find a good long term addition to your extended family?

The US Govt is not responsible for the poor in every other country, we need to focus on helping our own poor as a priority.


Don’t we already have guest worker programs that bring in hispanics? Some posters here are making it sound like the US only allows the rich and privileged people to come here, which I’m sure is not the case.

It is the system.

And it is not US only.
There is nothing wrong in helping your own , charity begins at home…but it doesn t end there.
It is not about messing with elections ,simply stating that there is no legal path for persons who do not qualify basically for low resources.
This is nothing new and I guess many of us learnt it out of queueing and filling in visas

Most of the persons who cross illegally do not qualify for any type of visa. Out here for anyone to check plus interviews.

So it is unfair to say there is a path when there isn t. And as Mary Gail said they dare.not get to the door of a consulate. It is terrible to be rejected when one needs and wants to work.

The rest is up to the country and its people. A wall , three domes or billions for whoever wishes to spend them.

I would not vote here for peace ,love and rock and roll and a mess but neither for someone who tells me he will spend billions ,charge them to the nextdoor neighbour ,assume the neighbour is dumb enough to pay and chuck millions of persons out and " let the good ones come back". 

Reality check : How ?

That is plainly underestimating me as a voter and I do not buy anything that flies. And we ve had all sorts of types of candidates…
And I move within legality. Just in case sb wonders.


I really don’t know too much about guest worker programs. If someone knows more information on this topic, please post. If indeed there is nothing at all that brings in migrant workers, I don’t know why anything hasn’t been done. The issue has been talked about for years. That’s all the more reason to vote in somebody from outside the government. If nothing ever gets done we need someone who is a doer not just a talker.

Nevertheless, before all else the border must be secured. Law must be enforced. Otherwise we don’t have a country.


Yes we do, and as we start to crack down on illegals, I expect the program numbers will be expanded. Hispanics with a visa have legal protections and a fair wage, not slave labor.


You can check it out. It is simple in the link ,Queen of Hearts.
We have to go through it ourselves to apply for visas.


I know what that site has but I’m wondering about specific government programs that bring in hispanic guest workers. These programs could be sponsored by private companies and therefore not going to be listed for every country.

Maybe Theo can clarify more on these programs.

Just because immigration website doesn’t list them it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


The H-2A program enables farm owners to bring in “low-skilled laborers” for agricultural work, while the H-2B program is for all non-agricultural work.

Currently many ag employers skip the programs and just hire illegals, which is cheaper and avoids regulation.


Thanks! It’s much better to have legal options than to not know at all who comes in to do what. Why the government has had the will to solve the problem is more than baffling.


What else do you know about the H programs If I may ask ?
I know they are seasonal. Hired temporarily for peak season or when extra workers are needed.
I know young ones who came for ski resorts and an amusement park. They all had skills and resources and previous tourist visas. So they would not be the case I am thinking of…
I also know that same as other visas the hosting country ensures there are no locals to fill in the jobs.
I tried to check the amount of both visas . Sounds like there are about 60 ,000 this fiscal year. The maximum period is a year which is usually much less.
Can you help out with more info,please ?


There is a detail…
And maybe Theo knows about it too.
No matter who calls you in for a temporary job ,it is Homeland Security who determines whether you qualify or not.
For instance , if a corporation asks for John’ s transfer for a job , John still has to present paperwork and proof that he will return.Reasonable proof. Basically that is property or,assets ,or so at home.
HS do their part of the job.
What not know is who has real access to H visas and they are brief in nature.
Does anyone know of examples ?
Maybe Theo knows.

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