Melania Trump: 'I'm the most bullied person on the world'


“I could say I’m the most bullied person on the world,” Trump told ABC News in an interview during her first major solo trip to Africa last week when asked what personally made her want to tackle the issue of cyberbullying.

I’m guessing there are plenty of folks suffering from bullying who’d beg to differ.


Criticism isn’t ipso facto bullying.


She chose to be in the public eye. It’s a bit tough to think of her in the same way we think of this poor youth:


Did…did you really just write that?



So you’re a fan of the following instances in which Homer makes a “final decision”?

  • Homer buys a gun, Marge is displeased and tells him to get rid of it, he doesn’t, and Marge and the kids move out.

  • Marge heads out of town and Homer permits Bart to take a job at a burlesque house.

  • Homer decides to become morbidly obese so he can collect disability.

  • Homer marries another woman while in Las Vegas.

Of course, this is a cartoon so it’s probably not wise to read too much into a simple meme borrowing one of its characters. But since you pushed it…


Whichever you prefer.


Backing away slowly.

We have a Catholic family, a Catholic home, and my husband definitely doesn’t make “final decisions” by himself.


I’m not. I’m using your own definition:

men have headship and we Catholic women know we should be allowing our husbands to be the final decision maker.


You gave it and I just quoted it for you.


What are you talking about? I quoted your own words and said I’m using your definition, not a “1950s values on Catholic values.” I can’t make biased and prejudiced assumptions when I’m referring to what you’ve actually stated.


You quoted my words with your bias , the human condition. Anyway let’s get back to why that homer cartoon resonates with you , rather then me just placing my bias on why it would and interpreting in a prejudiced way.


I can’t begin to describe my confusion here. Let’s end the suspense and you tell me what “headship” means to you.


Asked and answered:


You are in my prayers. I feel you are just being argumentative. I disagreed with your premise that others bullied would beg to differ with Melanie stating she is bullied.
I also feel that cartoon was meant as a tad disparaging. Otherwise why use it.
I also make no apologies for the dynamics of a Catholic family and how our example and teachings about it are from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

I make no apologies for bringing up the points of personal bias and prejudice over such hot topics as men being the head of the family unit, having headship and having the final decision.

Good day to you.


So I guess no definition of headship, then?

(BTW, thanks for throwing in a last ad hominem attack there at the end. :+1:


I think it might be a good idea for the OP to compare the treatment that Mrs. Trump is receiving to the treatment that Mrs. Obama received and is still receiving.

Mrs. Obama could do no wrong. She was beautiful. Her wardrobe was stunning. Her arms were enviable. Her garden was timely. Her daughters were well-behaved. She was smart. Her cause “Get Moving” was praised (although sadly, obesity rates continue to rise, and most of the schools have given up on her “healthy lunch menus” because they are too expensive for most schools, and there is a lot of waste because children and teens don’t eat the “healthy” foods.).

The women’s magazines literally gushed about Mrs. Obama–every magazine, even teen magazines for girls, carried stories about her. The TV talk shows praised her constantly.

Even when she encouraged her young daughter to be an intern with the absolutely DRIPPING-WITH-FILTH show, “Girls” (produced, written by, and starred in by the disturbing Lena Dunham) No one, not even churches, made any negative comments about what Mrs. Obama allowed her daughter to do. No one dared criticize her.

But Mrs. Trump can do no right. Everything about her is constantly criticized. She’s so beautiful, yet no one ever says that. We never see articles in women’s magazines featuring Mrs. Trump’s wardrobe and style sense, and her ability to look lovely even in jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, the media attacks her for wearing heels, a jacket that says, “I don’t care,” etc. Her evening gowns are stunning–she looks like a queen, but no fashion magazine covers her. She is ignored or criticize, and the few times she’s been on TV shows, it always feels like the interviewers are trying to trap her with a tricky question. So far, she has not been tripped up by their silly questions about her marriage or her sex life–maybe they didn’t ask Mrs. Obama because they were afraid she would use those strong arms to deck them for asking such personal questions!

Mrs. Trump speaks several languages and is highly intelligent, probably smarter than many of the people who are elected to serve, but no television show or magazine or newspaper or talk show invites Mrs. Trump to comment on events, issues, etc.

She’s deeply religious and practices her Catholicism visibly but quietly–something many of us, including me, should emulate. But churches and Christians are not clamoring to have her speak to their Bible conference, or at their university, or even at their grade school.

She is an amazing mother to a young boy who was obviously totally thrown out of his comfort zone when his father was unexpectedly elected POTUS–the most powerful world leader. She keeps her son out of the limelight and I don’t blame her–the media would chew this quiet and rather puzzling young man to pieces–unlike the star treatment that the Obama’s daughters received.

Maybe you don’t consider it bullying, I do. She deserves better from the public and the media.


You consider her to be the “most bullied person in the world”?


I do not, but if that is what she feels it must be awful to perceive it that way,and I am sorry for her .


I thought it was obvious that such a statement is hyperbole, Can you name another public figure that receives more bullying? I guess I could. Most of which are republicans such as Ted Cruz and his wife but it doesn’t excuse the bullying. Are you defending the bullying?

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