Melania Trump is the first Catholic first lady since Jackie Kennedy

False. The First Lady’s spokeswoman has yet to confirm the accuracy of the story.

Which brings us back to square one re the entire debate.I said right out of the gate,I wondered about the veracity of this comment re Melania’s faith.Yet the debate continued and escalated to the extent that we have now entered the Twilight Zone.
All this because some just couldn’t wait to scrutinize MT worthiness to be a Catholic and all that that embraces.:frowning:

That wasn’t the point. The point was some claiming it was wrong to criticize her past and question her claim when they themselves saw nothing wrong with criticizing the past of politicians they disagreed with. It was the pot calling the kettle black. Why is this so hard to understand?

If there’s no agreement that she actually is Catholic, since she was apparently baptized in secret and apparently practices her faith in secret away from any RCIA sponsors and away from any other parishoners, and is raising her son in a non-Catholic environment, then that’s what’s hard for to me understand. People are tripping over themselves praising the First Lady over what is essentially a rumor, and anyone who dares to apply some reason and critical thinking skills to a story with more holes in it than Swiss cheese that person can expect a torrent of hateful, uncharitable attacks if we’re not swept up in the wave of, “Oh, that’s so wonderful Melania is Catholic now” as though it were fact. THAT’S what I don’t understand – why it’s hateful to simply ask, “Uh, guys…is this story even true?” :shrug:

I have explained the difference ad nauseum on the other thread.Go back and read through all of the posts.Maybe then you will be enlightened.
Mods,please merge this thread with the other ongoing one.Thanks

How refreshing to see Catholics eating their own. :rolleyes:

Why is it any of your business? Do I need to show you my baptism certificate to prove I’m Catholic? Do I need to prove to you I’m a practicing Catholic? Did Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the other left wing dems need to prove their Catholicism to you?

You seem to be so eager to hate anything Trump that it appears you are incapable of practicing the simple virtues of the Catholic Church.

Give it up~~Your side lost.

This was true before Trump.

So is she Catholic or not?


Maybe we should ask why we have multiple threads on this business instead of singling one poster out.

wasn’t it supposed to be confirmed before the news were uploaded?

From the CNN article:

“However, the first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, today confirmed to CNN that Trump is indeed Catholic.”

I’m no Trump fan, but regardless of how she practices her faith, she is in fact identifying herself as a Catholic. The rest is between her and God, and her pastor.

The practice of her faith is not my business. That we have a Catholic First Lady might be a teeny tiny bit interesting though… maybe…

Meanwhile, I have real life things to be done here in rainy Denver, Colorado. :thumbsup:


Donald Trump prayed at the Wailing Wall. Melanie prayed before a statue [of the Blessed Mother? … can’t remember ] She blessed herself with the “backwards” sign of the cross. She prefaced her talk a few weeks ago with the Lord’s Prayer.

I rereviewed the video of Donald Trump meeting the Pope.

He was standing next to the Holy Father and introducing the various members of his family and entourage, who shook hands and got blessings, etc.

When Melania’s turn came, a cleric standing to the right of the videographer … maybe a cardinal or a monsignor based on the colors of his vestments … stepped forward and handed over an object which appeared to be a pair of rosary beads. The Holy Father pressed them into Melania’s hand, blessed them at some length, and she seemed to be a little surprised and very pleased.

The Main Stream Media reported the interaction primarily as the Pope asking Melania what did she feed Mr. Trump? Since the Pope does not speak English well and since Melania speaks five languages, the exact response may not be accurately recorded.

As Melania Trump approached and shook hands with the pontiff on Wednesday, Francis asked in Spanish through his interpreter and pointed toward President Donald Trump: “What do you give him to eat? Potica?”

She looked puzzled at first, as did reporters, apparently thinking the pope was talking about pizza.

But then the first lady seemed to understand that he meant potica (pronounced paw-tee’-tzah).

“Potica, ah yes,” the Slovenian-born first lady smiled before stepping aside, still looking a bit confused.**

Not changing the subject, but on page 318 of the June issue of Magnificat is an article of Saint Melania who died in AD 439 and who may have been friends with Saint Augustine. Her husband was also a saint, Saint Pinian … who died in AD 432. Although they lived in Hippo, they traveled to Palestine and died there.

And several on here were reporting that Melania asked the Pope to bless HER rosary, using it to prove that she is indeed a Catholic.

Why does her faith (or lack of one) merit multi-page threads here? Or any attention whatsoever? If she was baptized at some point in her life, she clearly does not practice the Catholic faith now.

She also claimed she graduated Ljubljana University, which the school has denied. So why wouldnt we take her claim of religious affiliation with a grain of salt? But, again, why would anyone here care? Is it somehow a positive attribute in the eyes of Trump supporters?

Now, can we talk about the $51,000 jacket she wore the other night?

Now that’s a quaint idea—confirming stories before they are released. Novel idea.


I closed down another thread on this topic because of the lack of charity in the posts. Members were attacking the Trumps, members were attacking each other, members were attacking Democrats, and members were attacking Republicans.

No uncharitable posts please.

We reserve the right to remove members who insist on posting in an uncharitable way.

Stay on the topic of the original post

DO NOT question a newsmaker’s spirituality nor their religion. We take them at their word.

Yep. That’s exactly the objection.

The “I get to criticize but when others criticize it’s unforgiving” mentality that is so annoying.

If she is, she is a Catholic who does not attend Mass, who did not baptize her son in the Catholic Church, who could not marry in a Catholic Church because her putative husband is NOT FREE to marry her, who has endorsed the use of artificial birth control…

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