Melania Trump Missing out on ‘Multi-Million Dollar’ Deals, Libel Lawsuit Says


From NBC News:

First lady Melania Trump can’t adequately cash in on her multimillion-dollar brand following false reports that she once worked as a high-paid escort, she says in a freshly filed lawsuit against an online tabloid.

The defamation suit, filed Monday in New York Supreme Court, seeks “redress for the commercial harm done” by the Mail Online against Trump, whose brand of skin care products, jewelry and other fashion accessories has “lost significant value” — pegged in the “multiple millions of dollars.”

Trump “had the unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as an extremely famous and well-known person, as well as a former professional model, brand spokesperson, and successful businesswoman, to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories,” the suit says.

It adds that those ventures could have garnered “multimillion-dollar business relationships for a multi-year term” because she is “one of the most photographed women in the world.”


Good. I hope she wins.


I guess she won’t be able to cash in on being First Lady now because of that tabloid article. :wink:


I believe they reached a settlement and he wrote a letter of apology.
There is another thread about the blogger forced to pay…


This is a different case. No one should have to endure having their reputation slandered.


Poor taste


if you read the link posted by OP it speaks of the multimillion dollar deals she will miss out on so I think it does have something to do with it.


Is she claiming that she should be able to profit from being first lady?

Emoluments clause?


The emoluments clause would only apply to payments from foreign governments.



The Presidency should NOT be used as a stepping stone to profits while in office.


This is a defamation suit and the products were from before she was first lady


The suit claims missing out on “possible” future deals right?


I agree. The article on this in the British newspaper, The Guardian, has the title, “Melania Trump’s Mail suit suggests desire to monetise first lady role”


But do the Trumps understand that concept? Apparently not since it was argued poor Melania would be missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to profit while being one of the most photographed women in the world while her husband was POTUS.


The Clintons did it. I am sure Barack and Michelle have profited and will continue to profit as did the Clintons.


This is the typical fall back for Trump followers anytime they have no defense for who’s in the WH now. Bring up the Clintons and Obamas who are history and no longer in the WH.


Because it demonstrates the double standard of the liberals - the hypocrisy.


Or a fallback to the responses 6 year olds use. “Well she did it too!” :rolleyes:


Only pointing out the obvious and who the 6 year olds really are since Hillary’s big loss.


Thing is it wouldn’t work if liberals actually stood for principle and didn’t do a complete 180 just because a republican is now in office.

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