Melania Trump orders removal of the near-200-year-old tree from the White House

Newsweek became The Onion so gradually that I barely noticed.


The tree is sick and could collapse. Is this the first lady’s job requirement? Tending to old trees?


The article paints this as a reasonnable decision advanced by experts, with plans to propagate offshoots of the tree. What is the problem?


I thought she was going to tend to Twitter bullies.

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She needs to change his Twitter password. :grin::wink: I honestly didn’t know that landscaping was under the first lady’s duties to oversee. I’m not good at gardening.

It had a good run…

It sounds like there was no other choice, and if it collapsed it could endanger those who
stand there when Marine One lands and departs. They will save the seeds and replant
a tree in its place. So, in the end, I see nothing wrong with the decision.

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If you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen them all.

“Newsweek became The Onion so gradually that I barely noticed.”

That doesn’t make any sense. It’s a valid news story.

It sounds more like the US National Arboretum made the informed decision to remove this tree before it maims or kills somebody standing near it, and the First Lady merely rubber-stamped the decision.

I’m glad they will re-plant some progeny of the tree. 200 years is a mighty long time for a tree like that to live, so it was probably way past its normal expiration date.


Traditionally, the wives have tended to things regarding the house and grounds. She made a well informed reasonable decision.

P.S. the Christmas decorations were pretty also,.


The problem is you have to read the article to find out what a non-story it is. I guess “Dead tree removed from White House grounds”, which is what actually happened, won’t get as many clicks as the offensively misleading headline they used which looks to paint the First Lady as someone who has no appreciation of the historical or of nature.


The headline is meant to be divisive, clickbait.
I’d call it Fake News on display.


Oh my, what a problem.

But the headline while whetting the appetite for more, was factual. She is the one who apparently made the final decision about the 200 yr old tree. There is no indication in the headline one way or another that reflects her appreciation of nature of history. Paranoid?

What is FAKE in this thread is the this reporting is somehow mean of divisive.

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It’s getting old with both sides fighting over the definition of Fake News. First Amendment don’t stop anyone from making things up but always respect the power of intentional disinformation especially when it’s convient to do so… meanwhile I’m going to do some golfing while I’m working :golf: :sushing_face: :wink:

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This was a perfect reply to illustrate my point. You partially quote me to try to make me sound unreasonable, just like Newsweek used a deceptive headline to make Melania Trump look bad. Why is a dead tree being removed from the White House lawn even news? Or the First Lady concurring with the recommendation of White House groundskeepers?


The headline was not deceptive. It did not make the first-lady look bad.

The fact that there is more to the story than the headline is par for the course: there is always more to the story than the headline; you do have to read the story to know the story.

You may think it to be a non-story but there are many who care about historical landscaping and preservation who will disagree with you.

PS I partially quote because the Forum asks us to do that. The reference is clear from the limited quote, and the full text of your post is readily available. The unreasonableness of your post stands on its own. The idea that my quote was somehow deceptive seems a bit paranoid

The headline isn’t deceptive; it’s an accurate short summary of the article. Which, by the way, didn’t make her look bad, either. It’s newsworthy because it’s the oldest tree on the White House grounds. If you don’t care about that, then just ignore the story instead of trying to twist it.

Is she supposed to just be one dimensional? She can’t have a thought or idea about more than one thing. She probably didn’t divert a lot of her time to this and it is news worthy item. One more thing to make her and her husband look bad. Like focusing on her shoes or her dress. Why do these trivialities have to be an issue?

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Thanks. I didn’t realize that was a first lady function. I guess I should have. Michelle Obama had vegetable gardens and honey bees.

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