Melania Trump sues Daily Mail for libel


Melania Trump has filed a $150 million lawsuit against The Daily Mail and Tarpley, a U.S.-based blog, claiming that the two outlets made false and defamatory statements about her involvement in an escort service.


Now that (Trump donor and supporter) Peter Thiel was successful in his quest to shut down Gawker you’re going to see more billionaires filing these kinds of lawsuits in an attempt to silence the press. Trump’s even using the same lawyer Thiel did.


I really don’t get why people sue so much. Maybe we need to put a limit on how much you can use in slander suits just like many states do for pain and suffering in medical cases.


I have to admit in being disappointed in the first two responses in this thread. If I had the means to defend myself after being falsely damaged via the press, I think I would probably similarly proceed. I say this as someone who isn’t exactly Trump-friendly.


Good for her! I hope she wins 200 million and that sleazy rag finally goes out of business.


The press should be silenced if it is reporting false information. If someone in the media falsely portrayed me a former escort, and I had the means, you better believe I’d sue them! This type of situation is exactly why we have courts and I hope she makes full use of them.

And to further clarify, I don’t care if she was an escort in her former life anyway. That’s between her & her husband & God. That is not the media’s place. Heaven forbid people start publishing details of my life from before I came back to the Church.


Sure and then sue others so that Pravda will end up being the world’s only news outlet.


Indeed. When exactly did it become ok to libel people and face no repercussions?


Who was labeled. Sounds like you are presuming the press is guilty. Very unAmerican.


We will find out if there was actually libel committed when this is brought to suit (something which you oddly seem to think shouldn’t happen). Questioning the right to recourse under the law also sounds very unAmerican


I just hate the fact that people sue over everything. I suspect that most people who support this suit would be very upset if the Clintons sued those who suggest that they are responsible for people that died, or the lady who sued McDonalds for hot coffee , or didn’t like John Edwards because he had clients that sued corporations, or Mr Nader.

Mrs Trump is a public figure. Bad press comes with the territory. Live with it. Mrs Clinton has had to live with it. Both Mrs Bush’s have had to deal with it. Mrs Reagan dealt with it. None of them sued anyone.


You obviously don’t understand the concept of “libel.” A newspaper cannot just print anything they want about an individual. If they print something that simply isn’t true and injurious to that person’s reputation, then they may have to bite the bullet and make due for what they have done. I don’t understand how anyone could have a problem with that. It is one thing to be critical of politicians but you can’t simply make unsubstantiated statements of criminal or amoral conduct without any type of proof.


I suspect the people who are complaining about this suit are doing so just because it’s Trump’s wife. .


Well, if she weren’t Trump’s wife, she might not have the means to his lawyers. Not trying to prove anything but just sayin… Sallybutler made some interesting points IMO.


Baloney. Newspapers often print lies. Generally on the front page. A retraction is then printed (if at all) on page 12.




Btw, Hillary Clinton could sue CAF for some of the things people say here. I have never heard of her suing someone.

Trump could also sue. Thank goodness he doesn’t know about us.


I have little sympathy for journalists and the media. I hope Melania Trump successfully proves her case.


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