Melania Trump's brilliant Rose Garden idea

Gotta love the civilized, yet biting sarcasm! Especially the last sentence.

Weird, I read TDS and vitriol more than ‘biting sarcasm’

But it was CNN, so we shouldn’t expect an article on the Garden to be about the garden.


I watched a clip of a video interview that was on the same page. Melania felt that comedians and the like were advancing their careers by using her name. I thought that was an interesting perspective. As being a public figure will bring one the attention of many commentators from around the world.

I do feel like she has been one of the least visible First Ladies over the past several presidents though.

Seemed childish and sophomoric, the sort of stuff a bright sixth-former might knock out whilst thinking it was the wit of the ages.


Is it late in the season for planting roses?

And hot for all that construction?

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I’m not a Trump fan, but this stuff isn’t half as clever as the author seems to think it is. It just comes across as childish.


Absolutely, its fate back in the days of paper newspapers highest popularity would be to become fish wrap and it would be serving a far more useful purpose as such. It is seeking to get something from nothing.

To use as fish wrap is good Jharek, or to line the bottom of a birdcage would be another good use.


Its not vitriol but for the WH to put out a press release about this in this time of national emergency invites sarcasm. Plus, I think FLOTUS has been handled very gently by the press during Trump’s time in office. Compare what was said about Michelle here and in the media. Granted, she was more active but folks here criticized all sorts of things, including giving credit to a photoshopped picture.

Its all searchable on this forum


The reason we don’t hear a great deal about her is because she stays behind the scene so much. But almost every time she does come out the leftist press has nasty things to say about her. Mrs. Trump is a classy lady and does not deserve the treatment she gets from the leftist press.


She is, but she didn’t run for the job nor was she elected. She owes the people nothing and I think she is probably hating every moment of this as I would if I were in her shoes.

I’m sure she is. I don’t think that she ever wanted to be a public figure in politics. When yoked with someone (not just in marriage) one can end up suffering the consequences of the actions of their associates :frowning:

“TDS” is the buzzword for every act that does not glorify Trump. She got off pretty easy, compared to Michelle Obama, who IS truly a classy lady, civilized, educated and admirable.


Sure! There was the jacket wording business, which was her being classy, right? I think she gets the press she deserves.


The press she deserves for what? What has she done to deserve such hateful negative reporting? She wore a jacket she probably didn’t think twice about putting on.

While Michelle Obama had a staff of 18 at a cost of 1.5 million annually, Melania has a staff of four at a cost of less than $500,000 per year. So not only is Melania not causing problems for the President and trying to push programs no one wants and cost too much (school lunch) she is also being far most fiscally conservative. Classy lady.


I am wondering if this commentary can get anymore snarky? Why is it that commentators have to be so nasty whenever discussing anything that Melania wishes to achieve? Why are they so nasty to her and about her, to begin with? Simply because she is married to Mr. Trump, they have to be hateful toward her, as well?

Melania is a gracious, and graceful lady. I suspect a lot of people are jealous of her.


Sure. Discuss her risque’ modeling career and see how fast people flag any mention of it.

Folks here seem to think that any criticism of Melania in the press is ‘nasty’ and hateful. There are things for which she can be rightfully criticized and people need to accept that.

I am curious - what would you say they are?

How so? A press release is just an official statement delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information. It would be far stranger if they did the work without explaining it. Not the same as a press conference, a ‘release’ is a posted document on a official web site. Several are issued daily, most are just ignored by the media.

You are reading far too much into it.,


Doesn’t bother me - she did some glamour modelling, hardly the end of the world.

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