Melkite church - okay to attend?


I attend a traditional American Catholic Church. I just learned of a Catholic Melkite church in my community that offers Mass in Arabic and English. Would attending Mass there fulfill my Sunday obligation? I guess they do things a little differently, but I understand that they are in full communion with Rome. Can I also receive the Eucharist there? Thank you!


They are in full communion with Rome. You can fulfill your Sunday obligation and receive communion there. Enjoy!



As Father said, go and enjoy. It will be a very different experience and well worth it. I love to visit churches from different rites and learn about the diversity of our Catholic Church. Given that it is a Melkite Church, you can probably expect some wonderful Middle Eastern hospitality (and by that, I mean yummy food.)



To the extent that anyone says otherwise, or qualifies with condition, they are spouting heresy.



Melkites are very much Catholic and their Liturgy definitely satisfies your obligation!
The local Melkite priest, who serves a mission without its own temple, is actually my Latin pastor’s “roommate”. He serves the Divine Liturgy at a nearby parish and lives at our parish.


Also, it is common for the local RC diocese to hire EC priests nearly full time for an RC parish, particularly with a small EC parish. This lets the EC parish divert what would have been salary to the building fund.

Our priest typically celebrates at least one, and often two, western Masses each weekend, most often at the shrine, but all at a couple of parishes (one told him not to hesitate to preach “byzantine stuff”, as the roman clearly wasn’t working for them :rofl:).

As a side effect, we pick up a parishioner or two a year that gets exposed to him elsewhere.

We just have to re-teach him to say “no” again, as he keeps getting over-extended :angry::frowning:



Out of curiosity, how does your priest approach the Roman Rite? There are so many “options” with the Ordinary Form. For example, an Eastern Divine Liturgy always features LOTS of incense and is basically completely chanted. Does he thus make use of those “options” when celebrating the Roman Rite Mass?
Our Latin pastor chants the entire Eucharistic Prayer every Sunday. This is not traditional to the Roman Rite as the Canon was silent in the old form… so I’ve wondered if it is at all connected to his “roommate” being the Melkite priest ;).


I’ve never seen him at one.

I’d be surprised if he didn’t use incense.

I do know that on occasion he’s drifted into slavic plainchant without realizing it, and gotten wonderful comments. I assume he chants a lot.



To your earlier point regarding Eastern priests taking jobs with the RC Diocese, the previous Melkite priest was our prison chaplain. He served the prison inmates within a “Roman Rite” context Monday to Friday and served his Melkite mission on the weekend.


I thought the Melkites used Greek.


Mellkites used primarily arabic, but with some greek.

In the US, most are now mostly english, but prayers repeated three times tend to be a verse each in english, greek, and arabic.


You may attend a Melkite liturgy in order to fulfil your Sunday precept. They are in full communion with Rome.


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