Melt down.

Ok so I had a melt down a week ago. All the stuff with my house got to be too much. Short summary I’m a single gal who works 2 jobs I got a what I thought what a good deal till after three weeks I started noticing leaks amoung other issues. The repairs quickly put me into trouble. I worked double shifts still couldn’t keep up. Couldn’t sell with the repair issues had to have enough to pay the bank so I stayed to stick it out for a better time to sell. When repair issues settled down I still owed money and guess what one of my companies got bought out and the new company cut hours in half. So I never as of yet have had a chance to recover. SO anyway I had a melt down on the phone with my dad. Then my brother and my sister. My sister then preceeded to have her own melt down. We both have anxiety issues. She then proceeded to take me to task. I’ve always been the reliable stable stoic one. I’ve dealt with my dads melt downs, my moms and my sisters on a scale of family melt downs mine wasn’t hardly on the scale. I figure they owe me one anyway. :shrug::wink:

Have you considered doing Dave Ramsey’s program? You could check out The Total Money Makeover from the library, take the 9-week Financial Peace University class, or just have a look at the Baby Steps:

Dave Ramsey puts buying a home at 3b in the Baby Steps, so it’s the step after paying off all debt and saving a 3-6 month emergency fund.

Happy homeownership requires a lot of savings to weather the kind of garbage you’ve been going through.

Do you need a roommate to help you catch up your finances? It doesn’t sound like you can sell quite yet.

I’ll pray for you!
Sometimes it’s good to get that off your chest and great that you have a handful of people who will listen–even if they end up melting down too!

Perhaps one of the companies you work for has an employee assistance program that could refer you to afford treatment for your anxiety?

I am sorry for the troubles you are experiencing with home ownership, reduced hours, and anxiety. I will say a prayer for you asking for guidance and perseverance. :gopray2:

Prayers from me too.
I hope things improve soon.
Sometimes venting can be destructive but other times it can be the storm that clears our mental skies.

It’s important to note that both me and many family members have ADHD. Anxiety and ADHD many times go hand in hand and especially for women for some reason. In case we are all better thanks for the prayers.

Sounds like you are up to there with your troubled house!
I used to be a home-owner and I KNOW what a financial
stew you could get into with just a leaky roof!
Have you tried St. Vincent de Paul? Tell them your financial
problems and they just might help you temporarily with
groceries and food vouchers.

I’m not there yet but close. I’ve put my house on the market and it’s offically listed. It’s considered to be cute so I’m hoping it will go quick. It was listed Friday. No interest yet…but I’m know I’m inpatient and it’s a holiday week. We shall see.

Best wishes for a quick sale for a good price, and prayers for your future.

Thanks. All prayer appreciated.

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