Meltdown impact extends to abortion, birth control

Meltdown impact extends to abortion, birth control

It just makes me want to cry, that people are putting money before their children.

Do not misunderstand me, I think abortion is murder.

I used to wear shoes until they cracked open with holes. I replaced shoelaces with string.
silly me, I thought sober frugality was a virtue. I eventually stopped the practice.
Because – and no this is not an exaggeration – people looked at me like I was some kind of DEVIANT !

We have created a society where what you have, good clothes, a good car with the proper tax stamps, good teeth, a good title, IS EVERYTHING.
If you don’t have these things, or you eschew these things, you are DIRT.

My mother never had any abortions, and I was raised in a house without electricity or indoor plumbing. If you tried to do that now they would call it " neglect " and take your kids away , to be raised in institutions where their primary education will be in vice.

It’s a society insane with the mirage of control. The more laws we write, the more power we grab, the worse things get, all moral choices disappear.

The things people value has changed so much. Now a new car is more important than children, but these are empty idolatry and things will change in time I hope!

From the article: They estimated the birth would cost at least $30,000 and so they opted for abortion.

What?!?!?!? Have medical costs risen that much? When my youngest was born via c-section, the total costs was 1/3 that amount. I know someone else who had her doctor and hospital costs halved because she had no insurance and paid beforehand.

And back when I had a midwife, the total cost was about 1/4 of another woman’s doctor/hospital amount.

This is so true. I know when I was growing up, children had to do with a lot less than what they get now; they just had to wait for things like *shoes. *(OK, I *was *upset that all my classmates got to have fashionable girls’ shoes and I had to wear these horrible clunky things that could be passed down to my brother.)

If you don’t have everything “nice,” then everyone thinks you are an irresponsible person because that must mean *you can’t get credit. *The next few years are going to be really hard on people…

I wonder if a congressional bill called the Pregnant Women Support Act would help in the situations mentioned in this news article. It has been introduced into Congress before, but got nowhere.

Oh my gosh, when are people going to start practicing chastity? Our culture is sooo sex saturated. The bottom line is, in order to have sex, you end up committing murder. Why can’t people connect the dots?

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