Would moderators and other members kindly respond why I was suspended from this forum for number of days without mentioning reason??


We must ask moderators privately. We cannot ask in public.

Rule #3

Judgments by the Moderators can be discussed with the Moderators via private messaging but not on the board itself. If you display any disrespect, contention, or hostility towards a Moderator, Administrator or Catholic Answers your account will be suspended. Decisions of the Moderators may be appealed to the Administrator.


The thing to do would be to send a private message to @camoderator to ask directly. Not create a public thread.


Yeah, it would be a trial by media. :rofl:


I did not show disrespect or hostility etc to moderators. During the suspension period the forum disabled me from all communications including private messaging!


Could you kindly explain it further?


What you are doing right now with this thread is challenging the mods decisions. I should know, I have been suspended several times.

I can tell you, right now, with this thread, you are cruising for another bruising.


It is between you and the mods. Communicate with them if you have any grouses over your suspension. It probably had to do with infringing of the Forum’s rule.

Not publicly here. What do you want from the posters? They are not the mods. How would they know what you had done and the reason for your suspension? It is like you want some justification/verdict from the public - a trial by media.


You have not understood, moderators might have the right to suspend a member but victims may need why they have been suspended. I do not challenge any decision of the moderators! Please understand!


You are not a victim if you were suspended, you did something inappropriate enough to warrant suspension. Learn from it.


Message the mods, they will give you the reason. Certainly none of us can tell you more than you must have contravened the rules in some way.


I understand what you are saying. The appropriate manner to obtain an answer is to message the moderators and ask (if a reason is wanted and not given).


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