Membership in Freemason Lodge or Rosicrucians

Why are Christians not allowed to be members of Freemasons Lodges or AMORC (Rosicrucians)?

Here is a Declaration on Masonic Associations, issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which at that time (1983) was led by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who of course became Pope and is now Pope Emeritus Benedict.

And here’s a bit more reading material, if you don’t object.

“Catholicism vs. Freemasonry—Irreconcilable Forever”- by Rev. Robert I. Bradley, S.J.

That EWTN article was informative. I knew some Protestant churches prohibited membership in masonic lodges and other secret societies, but I didn’t know the Catholic Church did.

I have been through the Rosicrcuian (sp) museum and have read some of their literature given me there in San Jose. They have a model of an Egyptian tomb there and the whole thing appears more Egyptian Pagan than Christian.

They sell you further literature required, and at least to me seem more a profit making cult than anything else.

I became interested in them from the ADS they used to put in the back of magazine and so finding myself in San Jose I had to take a peek at the museum.

I would also like to add that the introductory video at their museum mentioned that they believe in reincarnation. If you are in the area though, their Egyptian Museum is very nice.

You know, I may return. Both to re-see the Rosicrucian museum and the Winchester House that I missed the first time.

Link to a well done movie about Masons here.

Here are the two mason reasons why the Church doesn’t get along with Freemasons. Pope Clement XII in 1738 issued an encyclical (In Eminenti) against Freemasonry basically stating that whole Freemasons say that they are doing good works the works are in secret, and people don’t do good works in secret. People do evil works in secret.

Three other is that Freemasons are diests. The Bible is placed on the altar with the Torah, Koran, and etc. A belief in a deity is required, not necessarily a belief in Christ…

Just what my research has turned up…

Freemasons aren’t the evil secretive underground network people think they are. They really are just a fraternity. As a Catholic, if you are looking for this type of thing, join the KoC.

Yes, they promote themselves as just a fraternity but their vows and rituals are occultic and they claim the go back to ancient Egypt. Plus the secrecy and levels and degrees as ones goes deeper into masonry demand that one becomes more loyal to the organization than their faith

Why can’t good works be done in secret? If I anonymously give to a charity am I evil? And not all their works are done in secret. The Shriner’s Children’s Hospital does a lot for children and it is very public.

Most serious Masonic scholars realize that freemasonry does not date back back to the building of king Solomon’s temple. The ritual claims it, but one can’t rely on a ritual for historical documentation.

Christ talks about doing good works in secret. With the leaders who make sure everyone sees them, He remarks that surely they have their reward… Here in North Carolina Freemasons run an orphanage, 2 speech therapy clinics, (both free for their patients) and a retirement/assisted living facility.

Freemasons aren’t evil, but being pluralistic puts them at odds with the Church which teaches that there is only one way.

Robwar, I’m curious to know where you are getting your information to make such an accusation? Quite simply put, it’s false.

Freemasons are not occultic. I have been inside our local Freemasons lodge many times for various events, and unless they put all the pentagrams and sacrificial animals in the basement, they are not occultic.

Lutherans, in general, are strongly urged to not join the Masonic Lodge. The LCMS forbids membership, for example.

any of Fr. Joe Esper’s books. he does discuss free masonry. St. Maximillan Kolbe likewise was a strong voice against free masonry.

Both you and Dharma are not Catholic, the question by OP was why Christians are not suppose to join free masonry. Some of the posters supplied very good links as to what different Popes have stated and issued concerning Catholic membership in free masonry. Now and based on your posts, you don’t have a conflict with it or don’t see membership as wrong. That is your option but what at least in terms of the Catholic church, it is a grave matter. I will stand with what the Catholic Church say and teaches.

I was referring specifically to the charge that allegiance to the fraternity rather than one’s house of worship is encouraged. One of the main principles is an emphasis on God, family, and fraternity—in that order. I would encourage a reading of Freemasons For
Dummies by Christopher Hodapp for some practical, well researched information on the subject.

I will stick with the Catholic Church as well as some other Protestant groups have said, membership is incompatible with being a Christian, no matter how nice they seem or “values” they promote.

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