Memorial Service questions


Briefly, my father-in-law passed away May 5th in an accident while on vacation in a foreign country. My mother-in-law had him cremated there and will have the ashes brought here to the states.(My in-laws are agnostic). My husbands mom plans to have his ashes scattered in the Pacific this summer when family can get there. She has then told my husband he can have another service at a church if he wants to. We don’t live in her state and the other members of the family do not attend any church either. What kind of service would we ask for at a church if no one else would be interested? It seems to me that the service of scattering ashes in the ocean would be sufficient. I have already planned a mass here at our home in his honor. Should I advice my husband to let it go, or to plan something?


My sister had a mem svc. said for my father in her home town. She and her kids were the only ones who went. She found it to be very depressing, but that’s my sister.

Basically whatever your husband needs to do that will help him feel he has honored his father; help him to do it. Even if you are the only ones at the mem. svc.

I’m facing the same problem with my in-laws: scatterd ashes at sea yadda yadda. It’s what they requested in their wills. Guess we’ll cross that hurdle when we get there.

Hope this helps.


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