Memorizing Bible Books

Am I the only one - who can name, in order, all the books in the Bible ?

Yes, I memorized them - all 73 - about ten years ago -

Sometimes I start my prayers off - with the recital of them -

Why not ? It is GOD’s book !
Imagine being at the Pearly gates - and you can enter IF …
you can tell Saint Peter the second to last bible book :face_with_monocle:

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I very, very much doubt that would ever happen. If that is what would keep me from entering Heaven, then God never wanted neither my love nor my obedience. He wanted rote memorization.


Also, from a practical standpoint, I can see the usefulness of this

We don’t believe that we’re saved by works

Even better yet would be to memorize all the words in the books. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, yes, you’re the only one.

I don’t think its for salvation but rather to just be better able to use the bible

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I’m talking about the you can enter heaven if part

I knew I shouldn’t have added that part :wink:

I got so good - I tried to memorize them all from backwards to forwards.
I drew the line after a few days - lol - very difficult - not worth it !
But I never memorized scripture - not even John 3:16 …

Knowing the order of the books of the Bible is more like knowing the order of the alphabet when you’re going to be using the dictionary. When you want to find something, you don’t need to flip around so long to find what you’re looking for.


Yes, as I think of it - I can find things pretty quickly -
I suppose, like a NFL ref - with the rule book


If it helps you use your moments better as you take God’s holy word to heart, you will have achieved the purpose, I think! Otherwise, it is kind of like memorizing the capitals of countries you never think about thereafter… more a parlor trick than something that changes your mind or heart much.


We memorized them well before kindergarten (Baptist) came in useful when we would have Bible Drills (contest to see who could find a particular Bible verse the fastest.) The benefit is knowing your way around the Bible for reading, studying, etc.

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AKA “Sword Drills”.

Sadly, after I converted and became a Catechist, I offered a prize of a $25 gift card AND a Bible to any of the kids who would memorize the books of the Bible. Not a one even tried :frowning:


Nice. If it makes you happy, all is good.

Even more impressive is the fact that God knows all of our names, but I think the fact that he knows the contents of our hearts is even more important.

So, knowing the title of the Books is fine…just don’t forget to study the messages those books contain!

Draw swords!

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When I do say the Bible books out loud, somewhat slowly, it does focus my mind.
I also, of course, consider each prophet, or the stories, within each book.
And you can’t help but to consider the size and extent of God’s word.
As a working man, it took me four months to read the entire Bible.
It was a chore - lol
Glad it’ll be years from now - before I attempt that New Years resolution again.

Oh by the way, spelling them - Habakkuk- for instance :stuck_out_tongue:

Memorizing the order of the books in the Bible was one of the first things we were asked to do in my Old and New Testament classes. It makes it a lot easier to find your place in the Bible, so it’s a useful thing to know.

I still have the New Testament down pat, but I’m a bit shaky anymore on the order of the minor prophets, but I’m still pretty good with the rest of the Old Testament.

I love the Kimberly Hahn song. :slight_smile: It just needs to be modified to put the deuterocanonicals in the right place instead of at the end. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cannot tell you how many Catholic teens and young adults who have told me they attended a non-Catholic youth group or Bible study and were embarrassed that they could not look up Scripture references, that they did not even know what books were in the New Testament vs Old. They have told me that was what made them believe that “Catholics do not know the Bible” and led them out of the Church.

To be ignorant of Scripture is to be ignorant of Christ.


I say dont dont worry about knowing the books by heart but by knowing the words in them by heart. Them words rite there are what dem demons hate.

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