Men Accused of Raping Children Among 830 Inmates Freed in Massachusetts

Terrible miscarriage of justice.


. . . “eight of which have been convicted or accused of lewd acts with a minor” . . .


Federal Judges Help Free Nearly 200 Illegal Aliens: Murderers, Rapists, Sex Offenders

Photo by: Ross D. Franklin Newly arrived people who were caught in Arizona by the U.S. Border Patrol are initially processed at Tucson Sector U.S. Border Patrol headquarters in Tucson, Ariz., on Aug. 9, 2012. (Associated Press)

Ross D. Franklin/AP


6 May 2020

Federal judges have helped release nearly 200 illegal aliens into the United States — many convicted of murder, rape, and child sex crimes — in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Data released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency this week reveals that about 192 illegal aliens, thus far, have been ordered freed from detention into the U.S. About 171 of those illegal aliens have either been convicted or accused of crimes against Americans.

Los Angeles, California; Boston, Massachusetts; New York City, New York; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have seen the most widespread court-ordered releases of illegal aliens.

In Los Angeles, for instance, 52 illegal aliens have been freed into the U.S. About 43 of those illegal aliens have been convicted or accused of crimes such as homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, juvenile sex offenses, and child cruelty.

Federal judges in Boston have helped free 44 illegal aliens from ICE custody so far. About 42 of these illegal aliens have been convicted or accused of crimes like rape, assault, drug trafficking, and domestic violence.

Likewise, ICE has been forced to release 34 illegal aliens in New York City — 32 of whom have been convicted or accused of sexual assault, rape, assault, cruelty toward a child, drug possession, and drunk driving.

Other releases include:

  • 33 illegal aliens released in Philadelphia — 29 of which have been convicted or accused of voluntary manslaughter, assault, and drug trafficking.

  • Ten illegal aliens released in San Francisco, California — eight of which have been convicted or accused of lewd acts with a minor . . .

I looked at some of the California cases. From what I could tell the men had already been released on parole but were back in jail for 180 day sentences for Parole violations (I don’t know if they were on parole for sentencing related to sex offenses or something else). Were they to serve their full 180 day sentencing and then be released I don’t think concern with them being out of jail would be addressed.

TS . . .

I looked at some of the California cases.

Where did you “look them up”? Which cases? Link them please.

For the readers here.

I doubt this is mere probation breaking.
But think about it.

If a child rapist (or whatever - “juvenile sex offenses” was among them) is not disclosing his whereabouts,
or he has illicitly removed his gps band,
or if he refuses to show up for his periodic drug tests . . .

. . . Is this the kind of guy you want running around loose in your city?

Hopefully not.

That’s a serious crime!

At least it is to me.

@ThinkingSapien. You don’t need to answer those questions about these bad guys. I know you said you don’t like to answer those types of questions here (so I won’t ask you again).

Like when I asked you ThinkingSapien to denounce an actor (Jimmy Kimmel) for disgusting behavior. I think I focused on his bigoted remarks and his bullying then.

For readers here. Kimmel is bad.

I won’t link to it but if you want you can search youtube
(“Jimmy Kimmel’s Early Career: “Guess What’s in My Pants””) and see him abusing young women and possibly girls as a joke for TV.

(Doesn’t he have daughters or sisters? What kind of a “man” is Kimmel to do things like this?).

These (people like Kimnel) are the same kind of people that want to “moralize” you about “Trump”.

Don’t fall for such phoniness.

ThinkingSapien. You refused to address Kimmel directly (which is fine. You don’t have to. As for me? He is clearly a creep).

Here is one post where I asked you among a multitude of times to.

You were supportive of Facebook soliciting children’s nude pictures too in the name of safety and all of that.

Readers can see that discussion here if they are interested.

So I’m good with you not commenting directly on that ThinkingSapien.

I won’t ask you to comment personally against these creeps here in my OP article or this post about these guys who ought to be in jail too.

But for everybody else. Draw your own conclusions about those guys.

Thanks. It’s a shame that we are subjected to the poor reporting from Breitbart.
Instead of solid facts we get stuff like:
“convicted or accused”, “crimes like”, and, curiously, “convicted or accused of [A], [B] ‘and’ [C]”.
How much work it must be to disguise the facts like this, rather than you providing the simple truth.

We are subjected to poor reporting from many more outlets than just Breitbart. I’'d say poor reporting has become the “new normal” [to steal a phrase from the current news] for the vast majority of news outlets.

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It’s a shame that we are subjected to the poor criticisms against Breitbart.

It suggests political manipulation games when such criticisms are leveled against Breitbart,
and criticisms against the mainstream media who fed almost three years of FAKE news (with their, and the DNC, and some bad guys hijaking high Government positions) are ignored.

Or some of the other real fake news issues
like this that are willingly ignored by some on the left.

ABC Fake News falsely use video from gun range in Kentucky to smear President Trump - #TFNOriginal




From ICE directly concerning release not from parole, but
released from under the heading of “detention” . . .

(If they were merely were being relased from “parole”, flight risk would not be an issue. After all they would be being, “released”.)

Of this medical risk population, ICE has released over 900 individuals after evaluating their immigration history, criminal record, potential threat to public safety, flight risk, and national security concerns.

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