Men and kilts


In the past, and in the present on special occasions, men in certain cultures wear kilts.

I just learned about a man who created “utilikilts” - kilts made of camoflage material. They have pleats, a belt, pockets etc. There were men walking around in them raving about how comfortable they are. We’re talking for everyday wear, not certain occasions.

What do you think of men wearing kilts for everyday wear? —KCT


hmmm - some people think that is what happens in Scotland all the time. Kilts are for special occasions and ceilidhs. men are not allowed to wear anything under a kilt so better not wear them too much - could get a bit to comfy


Great idea. then maybe they’ll understand how impractical it is for women to wear skirts all the time. (of course i mean this in reference only to the men out there who feel that way about women.)

But seriously, what would be so wrong with it?

(ETA: this was in response to the OP, not the above post. I guess I typed a bit slow.)


Kilts are a fashion statement but are probably impractical. Women have taken to slacks probably for this reason. A more interesting question is when will men carry purses? Some time ago, there was a “male bag” movement that went nowhere. I carry a purse (my satchel) which I purchased in Europe (where these are more common). I do so because I often need to carry a cell phone, sunglasses, a PDA, house keys, a wallet, a large remote entry key fob for my car, office keys, a note pad and a pill case for some medication I need to have nearby. Pockets really can’t handle this and a knapsack or briefcase are often too much.

By the way, my daughter played field hockey in high school. Two guys from another school wanted to play this traditional girls’ sport and, given the state of our laws, were allowed to if they wore the regular uniform, a short skirt. They did so.


I don’t know where you are, but in New York City, men carrying bags are not uncommon. And, yes I mean straight men.


No issue with it, as long as they have the legs to pull it off. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: The manliest man I know carries a bag. It works for him, because he’s very Euro.


Why would you think that skirts are impractical? I used to wear jeans almost daily, but in the last year have switched over to skirts. I find that they are completely practical and I can do anything I want in them. I could understand why men might like wearing a kilt. I mean, yes, it does look a little bit odd, but I wouldn’t really think too much about it if someone decided he liked it.


There has been no reason for men (let alone women) to practically wear pants since we stopped riding horses.

PS. In re the OP:



My hubby’s been saying he wanted a kilt for years. But did you see the prices on these??? :eek: Never mind…:bigyikes:


The video clip on the website is hysterical :smiley: .

I dunno . . . I just don’t see them catching on. —KCT


I just showed that website to the hubby. Tried to sell him on the idea of ventilation and cargo pockets. He wasn’t buying. :smiley:


Kinda sexy?:shrug:


A kilt w/ work boots doesn’t do anything for me. What shoes are most appropriate w/ a kilt? If a man carries a bag of some sort, should it match? —KCT


Yes, men really should learn to accessorize more, don’t you think?


My husband thinks I should make him one. In fact he thinks it could be my daughter’s next 4H project. He said he would even wear it in the fashion show.:eek:


It looks pretty complicated. I know I took sewing in 4-H, way back when, and even entered a few things in the county fair. I would be very impressed if your daughter could make a kilt similar to the ones they are showing on that website.


I am possitive my daughter would tell her Dad he was crazy and refuse to make it. He just likes to be silly! I seriously doubt he would have the nerve to wear it if we found him one. The other day we went to have lunch with his Dad in the farm community where he grew up. He had shorts on because we were on a camping trip. He felt very uncomfortable because he felt he was underdressed. The old farmers teased him because he had tan legs. That means he has been wearing shorts more than once, a crime in that community.


A crime! I am laughing here. I live in Southern California, you know.


I want to learn to play the bagpipes. I guess a kilt would be in order for that.


OK… I read this thread last night but then I guess the ADHD side of me took over and I spent all evening looking at different kilt sites and tartan patterns. My son has been bugging me for a kilt for years… a plain black one… the site you linked to had some really cool ones but no way in heck am I spending that kind of money!!! So not I am back here… thanks for the link. I am looking into a good pattern for one and I might make him one… but thinking… 8yds of fabric… heavyweight cotton canvas… umm $8.95 a yd…$71.60??? Thats still alot of money!!!

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