Men (and wives)... Snoring


Lets just say I can put “Paul Bunyan” to shame when it comes to sawing logs… and if I’ve had a beer or two before retiring the China rattles.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on my back, front, or side. I wake up well-rested, it doesn’t seem to be affecting my sleep, but my wife is about ready to snuff me out with a pillow!

She’s gone as far as wearing earplugs to bed, and now that I’ve got a slight head-cold, she’s using the guest room… which means I can’t sleep 'cause she’s not next to me.

Anyone been through some of those “sleep study”, or apnia evaluation things?? What are options/choices/what you do?


My dh has been through one of them…he had to loose weight, fix a deviated septum…gues what the snoring stopped and the WHOLE house can now sleep in peace.
On the other hand my darling friends husband did the same study…he is overweight and has sleep apnea…he refuses to loose the weight so he wears a mask (like a fighter pilot) that forces air into his airways when he sleeps…this has cut down on the snoring too…but he has to wear the darn thing every night!

Snoring is an indication that something is wrong…by the way…so I suggest getting it looked at.


I went thru it even tho dh snores even worse than I do. sleep apnea, wore an appliance for a while, since I’ve lost weight it is a lot better, but a whole host of symptoms cleared up when I got treated. don’t ignore snoring it is a warning sign.


This is definitely something to talk to your doctor about. I think that I read somewhere that the sleep apnea that is frequently associated with snoring can actually double your risk of stroke.


I snore very loudly and have done a sleep study. I have very mild sleep apnea. I use one of the masks with forced air also. I sleep so much better with it that I don’t mind wearing it at all. It has probably saved my marriage and possibly my life, as my husband no longer threatens to smother me with a pillow to stop the noise:D


I have sleep apnea, however, mine is caused from very small passage ways, they really didn’t know how I was breathing. I do need to loose some weight, but this has been a life long problem. I had been placed on home oxygen because they could not get my O2 levels up past 52%. Now, using the oxygen with the cpap at night, I am holding at about 95%. So now I only have to use it at night with the cpap. :thumbsup:

My husband says he would rather hear the cpap, the little noice it makes, than my snoring :smiley:

My cardioligist was the one that got it through my head that I had to wear it, whether I liked it or not - they do take some getting use to - he told me I had about a 33% carbon dioxide level in my heart. Basically I was killing my heart with CO2.

So now I feel much better, more active, rest better, and the list goes on. OH one biggy - I didn’t know I could not think through things clearly until one day after using the O2 for a while, it sunk in that I had not had enough oxygen in my brain for a long time. IT was wild, suddenly I was faced with something and for the first time in many, many years I thought through it, without getting stressed or loosing my thought.

So don’t be afraid just do it!




:rotfl: lol when I use my parents’ computer to do my essays, I can never concentrate because they’re snoring so loudly in the background. Sometimes I wake them cause it’s so irritating (especially when their nose whistles)…but I know that I shouldn’t because I’m the one who should be leaving them alone…so hard when you’re working on an essay.


:smiley: more incentive to get the computer out of their bedroom…oh wait how about you do them when they are not sleeping:D


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