Men at baby showers? (men, feel free to respond!)

What do you think about men at baby showers?

My DIL’s mom is giving her a shower next week; there will be men, women and kids there. She sent me an e-mail about some of the games that might be played . . .

One was men blowing up balloons, putting them under their shirts then trying to tie their shoes.

Another was having the men drink out of baby bottles as a race to see who will finish first.

I told dh there will be a shower, but I’m not sure he realizes he’s expected to be there. I’m sure the last thing he wants to do is drink out of a baby bottle. :eek:

I don’t see why men would want to go to a shower or why women started inviting them. Can someone enlighten me? Men, do you like attending baby showers? Do you like playing shower games? (I’m female and I don’t like most shower games! :p)

This is just my opinion, but a shower is enjoyed just by women. Since it is a baby shower all the women will enjoy playing the games and then oooing and ahiiing over the lovely gifts. Socializing with the mother- to- be will be supportive, and give her confidence.

If I were a man I think there would be nothing more boring or difficult to sit through than a baby shower.

One of my co-workers did one of these…men and children were there. It was a family-friendly shower. I was out of town and couldn’t attend but those who did hailed it as the most life-affirming baby shower they’d been to. As far as subjecting one another the dumb games…well…that sounds like most any family get-togther to me. :smiley:

My husband and I, when we were pregnant with our first baby, had a traditional Baby Shower (during which he wandered around Home Depot and Lowe’s for a few hours :smiley: ), and an Expectant Parents Party. At the shower, there were all sorts of silly games and gossipy women and such. The EPP was just a party where everyone was invited, kind of like a birthday party – decorations, a cake, lots of food – but no party hats, games, prizes, or favors.

You couldn’t pay my husband to be present at a baby shower, let alone put a balloon under his shirt or drink from a baby bottle.

A generic party would be fine with me. Women can enjoy cute baby gifts and men can hang out and drink beer.

I just don’t get why women think men want to play silly shower games.

I’m a man, and those game ideas make me gag.

The shower should have been this week, and not next week, because if it was during Lent, it would have been an appropriate penance for all the men involved.


I bad day fishing is better than a good day playing silly shower games.

There is no way on Earth I would go to a baby shower. Given a choice, I would choose water-boarding. The “games” described in the OP seem to me to be at best misandrist.

Ladies, go have fun and have it your way! Let us guys have fun our way.

Yep. That’s pretty much what happened. :smiley:

You give them more credit than I do. I don’t think those women really think that most men actually want to play shower games, I think some women either don’t really care what the men want, or expect the men to do it “just because – after all, it wouldn’t kill you.” Don’t you know, we live in an enlightened, egalitarian society now with random or nonexistent gender lines. :rolleyes: :wink:

If it’s not too late to change it to the good old fashioned kind; allow me to signal the warning that the worst baby shower I ever went to was co-ed. I had hoped for the best, but it was not fun for the guys. Some just wandered around aimlessly, beer in hand, some “buddied up” with guys they already knew…but they were not participating in any fashion and it was just awkward, because they were all “champing at the bit” to get the h-e-double-hockey-sticks outta there. Which clearly made some women feel pressured to leave the party early, and the whole thing imploded.

When so many of us ladies can barely tolerate them :smiley: Maybe one of the guys can be in charge of making the funny hat out of the bows.

I threw a co-ed baby shower waaaaay back in college. One of the gals in our pro-life group was expecting, and the group as a whole was very tight-knit socially. Since she and her husband were both very active in the group, and on a very limited budget, it made sense to invite the whole gang rather than just the girls. Some of the guys took great pride in saving up together for a few “big ticket” items like the car seat.

We skipped the games entirely and just turned it into a nosh and socialize event, with the guest of honor (and husband) opening the gifts towards the end. It was a blast. But it wasn’t a “typical” shower, either, since we skipped the games…


I’ve heard of family showers before but no men’s games at all. Often we have the women and small kid part of the baby shower with the games and so on and then the men and older kids come back for a meal. Or if it is in summer you could have the shower part inside while the men are BBQ’ing and so on outside .

Ooooh, and playing horseshoes!! Does anyone do that anymore? Growing up, my dad and his buddies always played horseshoes and darts. (Or were those more of a “military” or “Southern” thing? My dad is Southern, and a veteran, so I never know if the things he did were just typical American favorites, or if they were tied to one culture or another.)

I hate, hate, hate the games played at baby showers and bridal showers. Yeah I really hate them. Our baby shower was co-ed and it was a blast. No games allowed but plenty of socializing and food. And a Steeler theme.

I’m with you! :thumbsup:

But, I’m not the hostess, just a guest . . .

I’ve been to one or two baby showers with men there. The men played the games too. They were very polite about it but I figure they were mostly hoping the cake would be served soon. And those who were already fathers were busy telling the new father the horror stories of what life would be like with a new baby and a wife who was now a mother. :rolleyes: (Women tend to do something similar at showers by sharing all their stories of what childbirth was like. Then they apologize for scaring the first time mothers and proceed to tell some more stories. This is when the men at baby showers look like they really want to change the subject to serious injures suffered in battles, auto accidents, or sports–anything more pleasurable.)

I figure the whole point of shower games is to punish the people (men and women) who are currently escaping the trouble of going through pregnancy and childbirth. :stuck_out_tongue: (And any pregnant guests are there to see what their future shower guests must endure.)

I went to two co-ed baby showers and nothing was wrong with either of them, probably because both family and friends of both genders were invited, and both parties were held in banquet rooms at restaurants.

I was a nice, fun time with presents, food and friends. No games, nothing overtly girly and emasculating.

I’m female and I hate the games at showers. I would guess most people don’t like it.

Gimmie a beer and nachos and I’m good. If its just a party with the intention of showering presents on a new mom, or soon to be married couple, then invite the guys.

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