Men at the Cross-- Anti-Catholic or not?


Need some help here-- a Fundamentalist friend invited me to attend a “Men at the Cross” (see event in my area. It’s stated goals are to teach each man to evangelize another man with the Word, until that next man is ready to evangelize another. It has the typical Fundamentalist beliefs listed in their belief statements (e.g. Salvation through Faith only, Sola Scriptura, Jesus is the one Mediator, etc.).

My question is whether any man here has had experience with “Men at the Cross,” and whether it’s anti-Catholic. I can typically sift through most of the Funadmentalist message where it differs from the Catholic message, so that does not scare me off from attending. Non-Catholic I can handle. Anti-Catholic, I’d rather do something else that weekend, and not send them my money.



I’ve never heard of it, but if you have concerns, then perhaps it would be best if you politely bow out. It may not have any blatant anti-Catholic messages but maybe you’d be better off doing something with “Catholics”. Perhaps your parish or diocese has similar groups or organizations that will fuel your Catholic spirit and be far more rewarding?

Knowing I’m Catholic, I’ve always been asked by evangelical friends to come to their churches or services. I’ve always politely bowed out.


I am in a similar situation, invited and wondering if I should attend, and I found this forum. I am curious if you went and if you enjoyed the experience?


I did not attend that weekend, but the report I received was that it was a typical Fundamentalist rally. Nothing overtly anti-Catholic, but not the full truth. Of course, those I asked would not have been able to identify something as anti-Catholic. Sorry I can’t be more help with it.



That's ok, I appreciate the input. I am probably not going to attend either. I can't find much info on the Catholic take on it, there is probably a reason for that...


You’ve answered your own question. These beliefs contradict Catholic teachings so I would avoid this group like the plague.

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