Men CANNOT love.

Men cannot love. They can like but they cannot love.

So why does are Lord ask Simon if Simon loves Him???

Where on earth did such a bizarre notion come from that men cannot love?

My question exactly.

Jesus was a man… he loves.

ntsureifserious/10. I love people, I try to love God. Jesus was a man; He loved.

Conclusion: Time for you to read some Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Yes they can. Perhaps the ones around you have not made that evident, which is sad, but be assured that not everyone is the same.

Jesus loves through us. Hence without him we can do nothing. And all we are called to do by Jesus is to love one another as I have loved you.

Like the others, I wonder where you came up with this idea…Jesus said this:
John 13:34-35 “34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
If men cannot Love - Why does Jesus give this command?
Further - We see in Mt 22:26-30 that all of the Law and prophets are founded on two great commandments dealing with Love
Mt 22:36-40 36*“Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37And He said to him, " You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.' 38*"This is the great and foremost commandment. 39*"The second is like it,You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40"On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets."

So based on these things from Scripture, it appears that your question is based on a false assumption.


I would go even further back … we see that man is created in the image and likeness of God. Scripture also tells us that God is love (see 1 John). Therefore, it follows that being in the image and likeness of Love means that we (man … either in the classical sense that includes both male and female or in the restrictive masculine only sense) are inherently capable of love.

Rabbit hole? What rabbit hole?

:popcorn:Okay… why can’t men love?

  1. Do you speak of :

eros? love that only takes (egoistic love, I guess that’s what you are talking about. I like something, because it gives me pleasure)
philia? friendship, sharing love. gives and recieves (there is interest, but altruism)
agape? charity, love without return. only gives, without wanting anything in return (also God’s love)

So men do love, but how? :slight_smile:

And about Simon Peter, it is two-sided. It means: Do you love me like you should? Agapé?
And also it is a new confession of Peter like the one in Matthew 16, but after the Resurrection, so it demands conversion, faith becoming stronger, so that the Pope becomes the Pope :wink:

Men cannot give love to others. They can only like others. They can like their wife and children. They can only receive love. He can feel loved by his wife and love how she makes him feel. This is all because of Original Sin.

There are a few exceptions. Our Lord, the prophet Jeremiah, John the Baptist… but this is because they received Mystical Baptism. This is what is meant by “Before you were born I CONSECRATED you.”

Our Blessed Mother was conceived without sin - she was full of grace. And Full of LOVE. Do you understand?

Men crave love. They cannot give love. All they can get from other men is attention-seeking respect/admiration. They want the love of women who are capable of loving. And from other men the respect/admiration for maintaining the CODE OF HONOR of the group. And they then also feel like they deserve to be loved.

MEN LOVE BEING LOVED BUT THEY CANNOT RETURN THE LOVE WITH LOVE. The result is that women can only be loved by other women who can love. No man can love them…

Because, yes, some women can give love. And some women are just like men - they cannot give love but only can receive it. (These latter women give women a bad reputation as quasi-narcissist, quasi-borderline personalities…think men in bad moods. Think Tony Soprano’s mother etc. etc. etc.)

Before the Fall we loved ourselves, we loved others, we loved God…we were filled with love. But now at best men like themselves and they like others but it is always a struggle…with hatred always there. Men, (I personally cannot do this), CAN HAVE SEX WITH A WOMAN HE HATES. He can have hateful sex. Disgusting but true. Men can explode or fester hatefully with rage or foul thought. They CANNOT through love: they cannot if you will explode with love or be consumed by it.

Many also have foul disordered thoughts. Most people are some where between narcissists and borderline personalities disorders. This is because of the Fall. Only Our Lord is the spiritual doctor.

OK. Here’s my revelation to you and the internet:

I am a man.

I can love.

I have never met a man like me.

Ever since I can remember OTHER MEN would look at me and accuse me of being a narcissist… because I LOVE MYSELF. Men could NEVER realize that YES I love myself AND I CAN ALSO LOVE OTHERS. Understandably since 99.99999% of men cannot love others let alone love themselves.

It always TOTALLY mystifies them. (How do you tell a colorblind person what red is or blue or green or yellow etc.)

Since I was in Nursery School and EVER SINCE when girls find out I can GIVE LOVE they come up to me in droves and ask me: “[My real name], do you love me?” Or they would ask me on behalf of some girl that I had NEVER EVEN MET I love them once they hear about me. This is how DESPERATE women are to be LOVED BY A MAN.

BECAUSE MEN CANNOT LOVE. We were thrown out of paradise.

Yes, I received mystical baptism according to some. Yes, I received graces through my reception of the Eucharist - it is known as the experience of the prayer of union that’s what I realized when I read Teresa of Avila. But I digress. OR PERHAPS, it has nothing to do with mystical baptism… and it is simply a grace from God… also a burden…AN AWFULLY ANNOYING BURDEN I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE NOW.

In any case, I feel absolutely certain that Our Lord, and many of the prophets, and John the Baptist received a similar reception.

Some people who read this will know who I am. I have never met or heard of any man like me…who can love others…

Theological/Philosophical points: Because of the Fall men cannot give love but Our Lord said to Simon to paraphrase badly:

“Simon you know that I love you. You denied me three times. I suffered and died and was resurrected. You see the holes in my hands and feet. You know I love you. So if you want to love me then FEED MY LAMBS.”

So if you feed a hungry person, visit a prisoner etc you are doing it to and for the Lord in APPRECIATION for His love for you. Men cannot give love but they can feel or at least know/be aware of God’s love for them… Now some women can love. Think of Blessed Mother Theresa - she loved Our Lord but our Lord gave Blessed Mother Theresa the experience of the Dark Night.

Thank you for the above explanation. Now we can be sure that the view point expressed in the Title and opening post is a personal one and not one based on any specific Scripture or Magisterial teaching.

MarcoPG in his post brings out a good point in asking about the different kinds of love (Greek words that are translated as “love”.
It appears that you are primarily describing “eros” in your post above.

I would suggest though that you consider the words of God recorded in Holy Scripture as it relates to this subject and reconsider this “revelation” that you believe you have had.

I’ve known a great many men (and women) who would talk tough - but when it came right down to it, could and did love deeply. Not perfectly mind you…but Love none the less.


Yes, interesting opinion.

Hmm… You are saying “Men cannot love”, but you (a man) say that YOU (unlike other men) can.

Who are you to speak for what others can or cannot do?

You make generalizations of what men can do. Imagine if you said- “Women can’t love”. YOu would be considered an offensive sexist. Well, I consider your generalisation offensive and sexist.

opus aquinas you have known love and now you can love others. Women have a gap in love as well but it is easier for them to overcome by having to love children after all the pain and trial they are confirmed in love of their child. The matter is that there are men out there that love but it is mostly the love of self, where one does not see the love of God in all. When you see in everything love manifested, you will want to partake and help heal the pain of sin. And understand there are two types of sin. Mortal sin, where one turns away from the love of God, into death (by assuming that something can separate you from God’s love and then blinding yourself from it), and venial sin, where one sees and knows God’s love through the baptism of the Holy Spirit (the heavenly fruit) and fails to love fully. The good works whom God has laid for us men now who have known love before the foundation of the world, i think will be different but you can not know it unless you become weak. If you believe yourself strong, you are confounded and can not fully see the glory God has laid out for those that love Love. For God has chosen the weak of this world to confound the wise. Always crave to realize love more fully, and the LORD will make your path straight and your joy full. Love without dissimulation Rom 12:9

This is really weird. I’ve never heard of such a thing. :shrug:

Millions of women with loving husbands will disagree with the thread’s title,
and not just the young ones. The old ones too, whose husbands have no more testosterone.

Honestly, are you people living under a rock?

OK. Let me try this again.

Men cannot love others. He cannot GIVE love to others. He can only RECEIVE. But some women can give love while some women are just like men and cannot give love.

Now some of you men are like “I love our Lord.” or “I love my wife.”
And my response is: “NO you don’t love our Lord. Now listen and study this carefully - your wife or some woman who can love given time may be able to explain this better to you…*** You don’t love Jesus. *** You don’t feel love TOWARDS Jesus. YOU CANNOT because of the stain of Original Sin. You ONLY FEEL JESUS’ LOVE FOR YOU. YOU LOVE HOW JESUS MAKES YOU FEEL. Beginning to understand now? This is going to be difficult for you like explaining to a colorblind person what red or blue looks like.”

A woman who can love emanates love outwardly. Still don’t understand?

Ask a woman who can love and has patience- not one who cannot love to explain…

Our Lord could love others. John the Baptist could love others. There were some exceptions. St. Joseph. Those who received Mystical Baptism. They felt loved by God and they loved God. Try to understand the difference.

Once again, if you are a man married to a woman who can love- you feel her love for you - this is what you love: her love for you. But you cannot love your wife. You can ***follow ***the moral/societal rules of what a good husband/father does so you feel you deserve to be loved but you cannot actually love. This is why our Lord did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it.

Now our Lord knows this. So He had to explain to what to do. Giving specific commands: feed the hungry, visit the imprisoned… He had to show what love looks like with his life… because many need to learn HOW to act with love even those who can love need instruction on how to love God properly. It is because of the stain of Original Sin. OK? If we had received the grace of mystical baptism like John the Baptist or St. Joseph they just act from the love inherently placed within them and from the Law. Does that make a little more sense? Study it.

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