Men looking at men

I was remembering when I was younger how Prince performed the MTV movie awards with his butt exposed from his suit and he revealed it at a particular part of the song. For some reason I was going to look it up to remember it again, but then I thought about it and did not. Now I’m married and not attracted to men. Yet, I somehow felt guilty of this and do not know why. When guys see other men naked, and do not feel attraction to other men at all, is there still a reason to not look at the naked man? Vice versa for women- if women change in front of each other, and are not attracted to women, is that ok?

I look at guys at the gym. I can appreciate the time and effort they put into sculpting their bodies. I can appreciate the smooth skin of a younger man now that mine is not so smooth as it once was.

Appreciating beauty need not be considered lacivious…I even am shocked at times by how some men are exceptionally endowed…or how hairy they are…or how their pectoral muscles are much more defined than mine…or haw large their arms are. I can appreciate the shape of their butt and how firm and muscular it is compare to my not so firm fanny.

Appreciating the masculine form and comparing it to mine to determine how average or above average I am in certain areas…is not a sin.:shrug:

There is a difference between lust and appreciation for the human body. A lot of times fit people can be an inspiration to work out more, eat healthier, etc. They are proud that they worked so hard and others can be inspired by them. It is not a bad thing to appreciate God’s creation.

Another example is looking at underwear ads… the ads are there to show what the underwear looks like on a person. And if you are having lustful thoughts, you should put the ad away and look at something else.

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